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Strong Triadic Closure in Spotted Hyena Behavioral Patterns   This article discusses how the spotted hyena exhibits behavioral patterns of bonding within clusters, much like humans. UT’s National Institute for Mathematical and Biological Synthesis conducted the study, which looks at the social network structure of the spotted hyenas. The hyenas seemed to instinctively know the benefits of social bonds with friends of […]

Game Theory and New York City’s High School Admissions Process

Link: The article written for the New York Times by Tracy Tullis explores the dynamic between high school applicants and acceptances through the lens of game theory. The inefficiencies of the high school applications process are highlighted, where in the 1990’s students would submit a list of the top five schools they wanted to attend. […]

Stronger Networks for Job Search Networks are extremely prevalent in finding new jobs, as connections are often the easiest way to find an entry to a company. However, sites such as LinkedIn often become bloated, as people connect with so many people. Their networks can often reach into the thousands of people, devaluing their connections to their peers. Thus, […]

Game Theory in Dating

Not all games have rules, scores and a defined winner. Some games involve happiness, Valentine’s gifts and heartbreak. While most people consider dating to be a very simple part of life that doesn’t involve many complex decisions, it is actually a very sophisticated series of “moves” made by two or more players when viewed through […]

How Game Theory Relates to the Mexican Drug War

In 2006, when Mexican President Felipe Calderon publicly declared war on Mexico’s drug cartels, he simultaneously severed illegal political protections fostered between politicians and cartels throughout the years. Sending 65,000 troops to “eradicate drug violence,” he sparked what would become one of the deadliest wars in narcotic history. Within this conflict, there were two main […]

The Art of Network in Marvel Cinematic Universe The article shown in the link above discusses the presence of social network in movies, in particular, the superhero genre. It has shown that the movie seems to attract more audience when network of superheroes introduced, that is because the element of network contributes to the nature of story telling, since it strengthens the […]

The Alt Right and their new Non-PC Internet

Back in August of 2016, a few of silicon valley’s most controversial members banded together to create a social network website and application to combat the “entirely left-leaning Big Social monopoly” as described by one of the original members. After these members were removed from their various other projects for supporting trump or violations of […]

Testing Prisoner’s Dilemma on Real Prisoners

Link: In class we discussed the prisoner’s dilemma. If player 1 confesses, the best strategy for player 2 would be to confess. If player 1 doesn’t confess, the best strategy for player 2 is still to confess. The same goes for player 1; the dominant strategy for both players is to confess. This would […]

Predicting the Evolution of a node’s location in a network

Researchers at University of Notre Dame developed the Node Prominence Profile methodology to accurately predict the evolution of a node’s centrality in a social network. The article describes how NPP reconciles the two important principles that determine a node’s location: preferential attachment and triadic closure. By applying the Strong Triadic Closure Property to a set […]

Game Theory: A Nuclear Analysis   This article by FiveThirtyEight Oliver Roeder’s goes into how to win a nuclear standoff. It broaches the subject in the context of the tense relationship between American President Donald Trump and North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un. With both individuals in control of their respective country’s military power and nuclear arsenal, it […]

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