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How Game Theory Could Help With Overbooked Flight Problem

United Airlines promises to never again use police to forcibly remove passengers from overfull flights since the fiasco with a United Airlines’ passenger being dragged off a plane in April this year. This public relations disaster highlights a problem that airlines always face: how to entice people to give up their seats voluntarily. As seen […]

Triadic Closure to Enhance LinkedIn Connections

Source: With about 467 million users, LinkedIn is now the world’s largest social network for working professionals. Users can look for jobs, connect with recruiters and employers, and build your credibility and professional network. But just how likely is it that your new connection will actually land you a job? According to a recent study, […]

Game Theory: Florida’s Evacuation for Hurricane Irma

With Hurricane Irma one day away from being the most devastating hurricane to hit Florida in over 20 years, millions of people living in Florida have been told to evacuate. However, Darlena Cunha, a writer for the Washington Post, explains that with Florida only having two interstate highways, it is impossible to evacuate. Cars, doomed to […]

Gaming Cybersecurity

Source : Today, industries and organizations need to rely on advancing technologies to stay ahead in the competition. However, with increase in digitization comes increase in cyber threats. Thus, one of the largest concern facing global leaders is that of cybersecurity – minimizing their vulnerability to possible threats. However, another major issue of concern raised […]

Traffic Increase in Denver, Colorado

I am from a suburb of Denver, Colorado, a rapidly growing city in terms of population, and it has been clear recently that our infrastructure is not well supporting this growing population and their commuting needs. I have personally noticed over the summer break that it takes significantly longer (maybe 10-15% longer than before, in […]

A Game Theory Solution for a Fractured America

In an opinion piece on Bloomberg Noah Smith wrote a piece about how game theory can be used as an argument for why two sides of the political spectrum could cooperate. The article prefaces by commentating on how divided the country is politically. Smith commented that the polarization is so great that it is “paralyzing […]

What is the Best Response to North Korea’s Nuclear Advancements?

The interview with Tim Toughgarden, the professor of computer science at Stanford University, gave some insight about how game theory can be applied to international relations and, more specifically, relations with North Korea. Recently, North Korea has showcased their nuclear capabilities (whether they are legitimate or not is a separate debate), which has put nuclear […]

Game Theory in Flight Overbooking Most of us know what happened this April when a video of United Airlines security dragging a bloodied and beaten passenger off the plane went viral. Could United Airlines have used a better method to deal with this situation? The article above talks about how overbooking is like playing a game. United Airlines did […]

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