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Mapping Twitter Topic Networks

Mapping Twitter Topic Networks: From Polarized Crowds to Community Clusters The Pew Research Center published an interesting article on their findings after a study of various political activity on Twitter. Twitter, being a website in which anyone with an account can post their thoughts in short, candid, concentrated bursts immediately after those thoughts come to […]

Game Theory in Personal Relations Lets play a game. There is an envelope and it has some amount of money inside. Now lets say that I am given the option to look/not look into the envelope. I then decide if I want to cooperate, in which we split the money, or defect, in where I take it all. You […]

Analyzing Political Relations from the Networks’ Perspective

link to the article: One of the very interesting every day topics that can be analysed from the network’s’ point of view is definitely politics and international relations. In the article (link above), it is a story about the country I come from–Montenegro. Namely, in 2017 we officially entered NATO, which is for a developing […]

Game Theory in Hunger Games

Probability and Game Theory in The Hunger Games In the popular book and movie The Hunger Games (HG) there has been a subtle example of Game Theory. For of those of you that don’t know the plot. HG is a about an annual lottery where one boy and one girl are selected from each of […]

Audience networks and advertising

Just last week, LinkedIn announced its launch of a new audience network. After solidifying its place as a prominent social network for employers, business professionals, and job-seekers, it is improving its marketing strategy through targeted advertisements for users. An audience network, according to this TechCrunch article, is “a way for advertisers to buy inventory on […]

Triadic Closure: The Reason for the Downfall of Colombian Drug Cartels

Lately, I have acquired an interest in the strategies disciplinary agencies employ to take down drug cartels, partially because of the Netflix series Narcos. On reading more about these operations, I have found that the primary reason for the downfall of full-fledged drug cartels such as the Cali cartel in the late 1990s and the […]

Game Theory in the Oligopoly of Cloud Computing

The emergence of cloud computing in the modern age of technological development has created an interesting oligopoly. Cloud Computing is the practice of using servers hosted over the internet to store high volume data rather than storing it on physical computers within a company. The price fluctuations in this industry can be modeled with game […]

Defeating Terrorism with Network Theory?

This article discusses the effectiveness of network theory in predicting and linking terrorist networks. One of the biggest obstacles for the NSA is determining who should they be listening on to in the first place rather than intercepting any random communication for information. The issue with this is finding the right person to start making […]

An Artificial Intelligence Arms Race Earlier this month, Russia’s president Vladimir Putin said that whoever becomes the leader in Artificial Intelligence technology (AI) “will become the ruler of the world.” James Vincent of The Verge covered his statement and described a world in which AI is used in warfare. Putin predicted that future wars will be fought using drones […]

Transcending the Social Network: Facebook’s Expansion

SOURCE: Facebook Isn’t the Social Network Anymore Fundamentally, Facebook can be defined as a social media site; users interact with one another by engaging with each other’s content and make new friends by connecting through “mutual” friends. In the beginning, Facebook users constantly updated their statuses and uploaded pictures to share about their personal lives. […]

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