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Game Theory in North Korea Nuclear Weapon Situation

Game theory involves a mathematical model of¬†of conflict and cooperation between intelligent rational decision-makers. In a case where there are multiple trials, i.e. the game is repeated infinitely, then there can be a positive outcome due to reciprocalism: both sides understand that there can be consequences if they do not cooperate with each other. However, […]

Game Theory and Football: How Irrationality Affects Play Calling

Game Theory and Football: How Irrationality Affects Play Calling This article talks about Game Theory and how it in involved in Football. There is a relationship between how both the offenses and defenses call their plays in anticipation of what the other team is going to do. For example if it is a third and ten […]

How Game Theory Relates to Airlines Overbooking

Airlines routinely sell tickets to more people than the plane can actually seat. They overbook assuming that some people will miss their flights or simply not show up. But when there are not enough no shows, airlines must attempt to find volunteers who would want to reschedule for another, often later flight. When there is […]

Hyenas and Triadic Closure

A couple years ago, the¬†National Institute for Mathematical and Biological Synthesis (NIMBioS) ran a study that showed hyenas tend to become friends of their friends. Apparently, hyenas are pretty socially sophisticated animals and within their clans, they’re able to identity and differentiate different hyenas based on how much they like them (this is a roundabout […]

Grower Networks and Pollination Management

The decreasing population of bees and other pollinators has sparked increasing concern among conservationists worldwide. Thus, as seen from the article, conservationists are working to innovate pollination management such that crop pollination increases and the ecosystem can support a greater variety of pollinators. The adoption of various innovations was studied through grower networks in southwest […]

Harvey’s Effects on the Gasoline Network

Hurricane Harvey hit the Gulf Coast and the Houston, Texas area this past week, and the impact of the devastation and destruction on the oil and gasoline industry has been brutal. Because of flooding and low supplies, refineries in the area are now shut down and cannot provide gasoline to the rest of the country. […]

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