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Flight Overbooked? Use Game Theory to Get the Biggest Payout This past May, a large commotion occurred when a doctor was forcibly removed from a plane and the video was viewed millions of times. The details behind what had taken place was that United Airlines had overbooked the plane, a common practice that the company uses to make more money by selling more seats […]

Freedom of the Web…But Not Entirely Deleting our social media accounts may be more problematic and less liberating than we’d like to romanticize. The article “Decentralized Social Networks Sound Great. Too Bad They’ll Never Work” by Chelsea Barabas explains the complex relationship between users and social media sites, and the efforts to help them evolve–or in this case, devolve. Social […]

Examining the Social Networks in Insecure

In HBO’s series Insecure, we can explore how the relationships between the characters demonstrate the effects of social networks. As demonstrated in Figure 1, Issa, the main character has a group of mutual friends who all hang out together. Issa’s main group of friends are Molly, Tiffany, and Kelli but their circle expands to include […]

How Celebrity Endorsements Influence Our Purchasing Decisions

Article: Balance Theory Definition from Wikipedia: Because we live in an era, where social media has become an inseparable part of our everyday lives, celebrities, people that we have no personal links to, in fact affect our lives immensely. It is a known fact that many world-famous celebrities have acquired enough power to have the […]

Decentralized Consensus, Cryptocurrencies, and Game Theory

Vitalik Buterin’s Blog Post on Consensus-by-Bet The recent development of cryptocurrencies and decentralized blockchains is a gold mine for economic models and game theory analysis: the entire security of such systems rely on a solid incentive model for participants. In the linked blog post, Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of the highly successful Ethereum cryptocurrency, provides a […]

A Game-Theory Solution for A Fractured America Recent intranational conflicts have led some innovative thinkers to approach the growing division in America from a theoretical standpoint. The author approaches this problem from the perspective of the prisoner’s dilemma. Framing his argument, he describes the background for current duress among the U.S. population. From varying perspectives, he describes how conflicting groups, from […]

F.R.I.E.N.D.S. and Matching

This article addresses how the finale of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. should have been like. It outlines how every relationship/person realistically would have ended up looking like when the series came to an end. Majority of viewers feel bad for the fact that although everyone else in the gang ended up with somebody in the end, Joey was […]

Game Theory in Nuclear Standoff In this article, titled “How to Win a Nuclear Standoff,” the author overviews how game theory is playing a role in the current crisis between US and North Korea. This has been one of the most worrisome current events taking place in the past few months, and the article ponders if game theory can […]

The Prisoner’s Dilemma of North Korea vs. The United States

Today, North Korea is a household term. In recent months, the threats surrounding North Korea have become increasingly more imminent and concerning. As citizens become more and more aware of the current events and understand the direct threat that North Korea has declared, fear is growing within North Americans. The threats began on August 9th, […]

Game Theory and Climate Change

Primary Source: Newkirk, Vann R. “Is Climate Change a Prisoner’s Dilemma or a Stag Hunt?” The Atlantic, The Atlantic Monthly Group, 21 Apr. 2016, Supporting Source: Rehmeyer, Julie. “Game Theory Suggests Current Climate Negotiations Won’t Avert Catastrophe.” Science News, Society for Science & the Public, 29 Oct. 2012,   Every year, climate change […]

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