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Balanced Triangles Between Countries

Recently, North Korea and the US government have had an increasingly negative relationship and many people believe that military action is possible. This issue of course does not only affect North Korea and the US, but all the countries that have any kind of relationship with them. This relates to the concept of Structural Balance […]

Structural Balance Property and Prison Break

The Fox tv series Prison Break aired in the mid 2000s. Note: this blog may contain some spoilers. The link below covers a synopsis of Prison Break which chronicles the lives of several prison inmates from the Fox River Penitentiary. The relationships developed throughout the tv series show the effects of structural balance property and […]

The Social Networks of Sharks

We all know that social networks can be used to study friendships, rivalries, and other interactions between people, but this type of analysis has now been extended to sharks. Researchers at The Fish Lab at Macquarie used acoustic telemetry, a technique that allows them to remotely track the whereabouts of individual sharks using tags that […]

Networks at WeWork

WeWork, a startup located in New York City, is changing the way people go to work. Their headquarters contains smart furniture that adjusts to your height or comfort level and with just a swipe on a screen anyone at the company can look up “when the air filters were last cleaned in WeWork’s Mexico City […]

Good start-ups have great NETWORKS

For past decades, researchers have continually looked into how networks may give advantages to businesses, why they receive this advantage, and how they can make the most of their network connections. Most of these studies were conducted in the US or Europe where creating start-ups are ideal. However, in this article, Alina Dizik explores the […]

Game Theory Analysis on North Korea: Really Just a Game?

Although game theory was originally developed as a tool for analyzing economic actions, it has evolved into an analysis method that can be applied to various fields. Among these fields where there is merit in using this form of analysis is when analyzing international relations, specifically between hostile countries. In the case of North Korea’s […]

Game Theory in Fantasy Football

Football season starts tomorrow, and in the past few weeks, many people have been joining fantasy leagues and drafting players in hopes of earning as many points as possible and winning a cash prize at the end. The obvious strategy seems to be to draft the players with the highest number of points. However, the […]

Social Networks in News Outlets Recently, I came across this website created by Wall Street Journal which separates Facebook news posts into a “red” feed and a “blue” feed. The red feed is a set of articles whose viewers described themselves as conservative while the blue feed is a set of articles whose viewers described themselves as liberal. Wall […]

Social Networks in Pop Culture – Game of Thrones

Last week was the season finale of one of the most popular shows to ever grace our television screens –  Game of Thrones. The show’s mesmerizing visuals and incredible plot has kept its audience captivated since 2011, and the shocking season finale of Season 7 surely has left the audience to highly anticipate season 8. […]

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