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How hyenas make new friends For some people, making new friends is the easiest thing in the world. For other, more socially awkward people, it seems like the hardest thing in life. It makes sense to state that it’s easier to get to know someone if you have common friends. But is this a human trait, or rather a […]

Game Theory, Nuclear War, and North Korea   In this Washington Post article, Tim Roughgarden, a CS professor at Stanford is interviewed about how game theory applies to military strategy and the current situation with North Korea. Roughgarden claims that game theory began to play a part in the military in the 1940s. During this time period, applications to game theory […]

Strategic Irrationality in Political Leadership

In the history of American politics game theory has consistently been used to form strategies, both on domestic and international levels.  This article describes the growing conflict between the United States and North Korea – more specifically the leaders of these countries.  Donald Trump’s decisions are often seen as irrational and he seems to portray […]

How the lack of resources for hurricane Harvey relief can be resolved using game theory

Article:   This article discussed how the tragedy of natural disasters such as hurricane Harvey lead to levels of destruction that require a substantial amount of people affected by it to receive some form of aid or assistance from NGOs. The author of this article brings up how as is right now many NGOs are […]

Decentralizing Ownership of Social Networks

Online networks across various platforms – such as Facebook, Twitter and the like – have become saturated with fake news and impersonal, unrelated information. The ideas being shared across these networks have somewhat lost their sense of legitimacy and importance. Despite this, we still spend so much of our lives online, our identities becoming engrained […]

Madman Strategy and its Applications to Game Theory

Surprisingly, Game Theory and Politics might go hand in hand. It is posited that Donald Trump is pulling off the madman strategy, coined by Richard Nixon back in the 1960’s, in an effort to placate North Korea and their Nuclear efforts. Nixon utilized the madman strategy in his first term in the Oval Office to […]

Game Theory for the US and North Korea

Following North Korea’s successful hydrogen bomb test and its relentless missile testing, identifying a sensible solution which prevents war between the United States and North Korea seems daunting and to many, even hopeless. What if one were to apply Game Theory to identify a reasonable resolution?  The objective of the game would be one that […]

Instagram’s Explore Tab

As a constant Instagram user, I was always curious about Explore, where the app suggests images and videos I might like. I could see many types of posts: those are uploaded by people whom I do not follow but have some mutual, those related to my interests, such as golf, food, and fashion, and even […]

Structural balance in the social networks of rock hyraxes This academic paper analyzed the social bonds and networks of wild mammals, specifically the rock hyrax. Scientists observed hyrax social activity for 5 days a week and recorded their social interactions with other hyraxes. Positive interactions included physical contract, such as huddling, or coordinated activity, such as sitting together. Negative interactions included exposing large […]

Social Networks in the World of Shopping

Product discovery has taken off in the past decade, and Amazon is once again attempting to make a major change and likely enhancement in the shopping experience for its users. According to an article in Forbes, earlier this summer Amazon launched its newest creation, Amazon Spark. In a both Instagram and Pinterest way, Amazon Spark […]

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