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Delta and Overbooking of Flights

Article: Last April, a passenger was forcibly removed from a United Airlines flight after refusing to leave the airplane when asked by management. In response, United Airlines increased the monetary compensation of what they call “voluntary denied boarding” to increase its occurrence and prevent future incidents. Specifically, the monetary incentive would increase from $800 to […]

Networks in Trade Wars President Trump’s most recent move in the tense North Korea situation was a declaration that the United States could soon be stopping all trade with countries that do business with North Korea. This attempt to use economic consequences as a deterrent to North Korea’s escalation of its nuclear aggression is not without precedent, given […]

Easiest way to make friends

The article summarized many different ways to make new friends or strengthen existing friendships. It’s easier to make people like one another if they spent more time together, despite of the quality of actual interaction. This gives an explanation of why people tend to befriends others who live or work relatively close by. Compliment others […]

Walmart and Google Join Forces In Online Fight Against Amazon

Amazon is continuing to grow as a leading player in the technology industry, as it is known for its fast shipping and wide variety of products sold online. Its innovation and commitment to its customers are what sets it apart from many other eCommerce companies. Google recently announced a partnership with Walmart, providing Walmart with […]

America – An Endless Game of Prisoner’s Dilemma   “A Game Theory Solution for a Fractured America” emphasizes the applicability of game theory- more specifically- the prisoner’s dilemma to address human interaction pertaining to national divide and social conflict. The economic theory takes two sides that play against each other- which in this case can be viewed as opposing races, political views, […]

Commuter’s Dilemma

Source: In large urban areas or universities, cars and bikes are not utilized by the majority of the commuting population. In fact, most of these commuters choose either one of two choices; the wearisome yet flexible choice to walk to or from their destination or the more idle yet strict decision to wait for public […]

Game Theory and The Origin of Life As mentioned in class, Game Theory has several applications, spanning from international relations to poker. In the 1970s, George Price and John Maynard Smith demonstrated that game theory and nash equilibrium could even be applied to biology, specifically the notion of competition among species in the survival of the fittest. Smith and Price […]

Negative Effects Triadic Closure has on Facebook The article “‘SocialBots’ steal 250GB of user data in Facebook invasion” highlights the increasing issue of programs stealing personal information off social media, particularly Facebook. Researchers from University of British Columbia Vancouver conducted an eight-week study to evaluate how easily programs can infiltrate online social networks. These researchers created 102 fake Facebook accounts called […]

Using Triadic Closure Property with Cellphone Metadata   There has been much controversy regarding the ethical aspect of private cell phone metadata collected by the American government. This article covers the reasons why the NSA has been collecting the data without warrants, and why it’s more beneficial than harmful to America’s residents. The article discusses that the primary reason for which […]

Gaming Bitcoins

link to article This article paints bitcoin and the competition between mining pools as a version of the prisoners’ dilemma. Mining pools race each other to “mine” bitcoins by writing to the bitcoin blockchain. With money on the line, many mining pools have resorted to shady tactics, such as initiating DDoS attacks on competitors, giving […]

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