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Weak Ties in the Undergraduate Job Search   One of the most difficult challenges for an undergraduate student is finding their first job, internship, or other real world experience. Employers all seem to want to hire students with previous experience, which makes it much more difficult for those with little to no experience other than what they’ve learned in class to […]

The strength of weak ties In a world where the the saying “Its not what you know. Its who you know” seems to be growing more prevalent, it is important to evaluate the social networks (the accumulation of close friends and more distant acquaintances whom we tend to familiarize ourselves with) that we are apart of. This saying alludes to […]

Weak Tie – Low Risk Activism

The article attached was written by Malcolm Gladwell, which used a lot of examples about human rights movement, to argue that online social networks are not suited for “real” social activism. Gladwell thinks, online networks are all about weak ties – a weak tie is a friend of a friend, or a casual acquaintance – […]

A Game-Theory Solution for a Fractured America

Recently, the Trump Administration announced that the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program is being rescinded. Our university president Martha Pollack released a statement, and shortly after, one of my friends talked his mind against the president’s statement, remarking how it’s unhelpful and perhaps uninformed. Shortly after, as I went on Facebook, I saw […]

Game Theory in Professional Sports: Flopping

How Sports Flopping Illustrates The Prisoner’s Dilemma – Game Theory Tuesdays In contact sports, drawing a foul has clearly, as of late, become a habitual practice of many athletes. A foul can be defined as any player’s action that violates the rules of the game, ranging from unintentionally colliding with another player to deliberately shoving […]

Game Theory in Hurricane Relief   Between Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, coastal regions of North America have been hit very hard recently. Affected regions suffer hundreds of billions of dollars in damage and large areas are completely demolished and without power. Dealing with rescue and repair is not always easy, especially if the involved non-governmental organizations lack proper […]

Nash Equilibrium and Nuclear Standoff

In recent events, the Dow Jones Industrial Average climbed back above 22000 today according to the WSJ, and this is the first time the DJIA has hit that number in over a month due to the severity of Hurricane Harvey and Irma as well as because of the standoff with North Korea since investors have […]

The Network in Netflix

Online Resource Link: It’s fascinating to discover how networks can play such a large role in how we experience the world. They influence the people we meet, the websites we search, and even the shows we consume. Earlier this year, Netflix unveiled a new rating system that allows its customers to give shows and […]

LinkedIn’s Success: Authenticity And A Currency Of ‘Local Bridges’

     The tech world was shocked when Microsoft acquired the job networking site ‘LinkedIn’ in 2016 for $26 billion. Prior to being acquired by Microsoft, LinkedIn had the reputation that accompanies ‘strategic’ daily spam email and endorsement campaigns. The site felt impersonal and shallow, especially because of the difficulty the platform had in offering […]

Game Theory & the City

Article:   In class we learned about game theory and Nash equilibrium in the context of traffic and transportation networks in order to understand the decisions that drivers make in the face of congestion. American metropolises as we know today have been shaped by the automobile industry for the automobile, and thus are […]

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