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North Korea Tit for Tat

Over the past few months, international tensions have flared as North Korea, a nation roughly the size of New York state, has vowed to advance its ballistic missile technology and nuclear capabilities. Labeled as a member of the “axis of evil” by former President George Bush in 2002 and shortly thereafter abandoning the Nuclear Non-Proliferation […]

The Networks of Modern Classifieds

In early 2016, a sixteen-year-old named Ben Pasternak launched an app called Flogg that merged your personal network with a platform that allowed you to sell and buy miscellaneous items. It seemed to be a promising start up and according to Anneta Konstantinides of The Daily Mail “Silicon Valley investors were knocking on his door…”. […]

Segregation from Slight Individual Bias

  In a fun, interactive demonstration, authors Victoria Hart and Nicky Case demonstrate how even small individual biases can lead to large collective biases. Their simple demonstration allows us to explore the behavior of two distinct groups, triangles and squares, when individual bias is present in each member of the population. Members of each group […]

The Deferred Acceptance Algorithm: The Economics of Matchmaking in the High School Application Process

Over the past few decades – as the nation’s college application process becomes increasingly selective, thereby making it more difficult for aspiring students to attend the schools of their choice – the New York City high school application process has adopted an algorithm that works to ensure more students get into the high school of […]

The Math of Tier Lists

In many competitive video games and trading card games, members of the community come together to create a tier list.  Tier lists are a ranking of some part of the game, whether it be characters, decks, customizable abilities, or other variable facets of the game.  Tier lists contain groups, or tiers, of characters, grouping them […]

Game Theory and Clothing: How Shoppers and Retailers fight for savings

Clothing is one of my passions. I love adding new clothes to my wardrobe and choosing different combinations of outfits. However, as a college student, saving money is also one of my priorities. Thankfully, sales exist, and I’ve managed to buy a substantial part of my wardrobe for heavily discounted prices. In the article I […]

What makes team work?

Source: Triadic Balance and Closure as Drivers of the Evolution of Cooperation Simone Righi and Karoly Takacs of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences published this study in 2014. Their question, at the broadest level, is why do people work together? So many people believe that the only way to get ahead in this eye-for-an-eye world […]

Spread of Infection During Airplane Boarding

A research group from FSU used computer simulations to optimize a boarding procedure that would reduce the spread of infection. They found that the transmission of infection was most prevalent during boarding due to the large crowds in close contact. Deplaning was comparatively less significant in infection propagation. After conducting computer simulations, they recommended using […]

Nuclear Conflict as a Game of Hawk and Dove

Over the past few months there has been increasing tension between the United States and North Korea over the latter’s development of its nuclear program.  After years of testing, North Korea now claims to have missiles capable of reaching cities in the continental United States. In response to threats from North Korea’s Kim Jong-un, President […]

Strategies for newly emerging technologies

  The article discusses the current situation in the app and social media market. The main points of concern of the article is the current creative stagnation in the world of app making and the best strategies for new products to come to the global market. According to the article, most of the social network […]

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