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Collusion Network

Source: The rise of social media allows more opportunities for hackers to manipulate the system for their own gain. Researchers have found that hackers have used a security loophole to allow more than a million Facebook accounts to easily generate over hundred million likes and comments as part of a “a thriving ecosystem of large-scale […]

A bottom-up institutional approach to cooperative governance of risky commons

In this paper three researchers present their findings about the most effective means to incentivize communal cooperation with a general focus on applications to limiting climate change. They found that the most effective way to increase cooperation in limiting negative behavior related to climate change is to have local institutions punish ‘free riders’, or those […]

Game Theory’s obsolescence as it relates to new technologies

It’s no secret that we are right in the thick of technological boom. As the pace of new technological advancements accelerates, scientists as well as the general public must constantly reevaluate the consequences of these technologies and ensure that they don’t get out of hand.  Up until very recently, game theory was how negative consequences […]

When not picking the best strategy IS the best strategy

It’s football season again and our fascination with the national pastime of fantasy football is back! For anyone who has never played fantasy football, the goal of the game is to pick players who will accumulate the most points. Players earn points through the accumulation of positive statistics in their games that week. In the […]

Decentralized Social Network This article discussed how the online social platform giants such as Facebook, Google and Twitter constitute a large monopoly of the online network. These platforms create an exclusive social community, since lots of websites also used login provided by Google and Facebook. Last year, Jillian York, a free expression activist was booted off Facebook […]

Mother Nature and Game Theory: Evaluating Hurricane Risks

article link It seems that the natural disaster of choice for the end of Summer 2017 has been hurricanes. Harvey devastated Southern Texas with torrential flooding a mere two weeks ago, and Irma’s danger looms as it approaches Florida. The damages caused by these natural disasters may be inescapable, but the option to evacuate flood-prone […]

Prisoner’s Dilemma and Global Warming

Prisoner’s dilemma is a game in game theory, where two individuals are put in a situation where it is in both individuals’ best interests to cooperate, but find it expensive to coordinate, leading to a non-perfect outcome for both. Global Climate Change has been put on the agenda for decades, with a large amount of […]

Traffic jams caused by Nash equilibrium

Link: The Cross-Bronx expressway is the most congested stretch of road in the US, according the article and anyone who commutes through the Bronx. As a connecting route between not one but three of the cities major bridges, it creates a perfect storm for endless traffic jams and headaches, that for many can not be […]

Social Networks and Animal Behavior Social networks is a promising tool for the analysis of behavior  in not just human relationships, but in many different animal interactions as well. As we’ve learned in class, social network analysis is the study of social groups as networks of nodes connected by social ties. This allows the study of individuals and groups […]

The Disastrous Game of Hurricane Harvey   In the wake of one of the most terrible disasters to hit America, nearly half a million people are expected to seek federal aid. Hurricane Harvey is predicted to cost roughly $180 billion. Tens of millions of dollars and being donated for relief to the hundreds of thousands of NGOs who come […]

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