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Social Networks in the World of Shopping

Product discovery has taken off in the past decade, and Amazon is once again attempting to make a major change and likely enhancement in the shopping experience for its users. According to an article in Forbes, earlier this summer Amazon launched its newest creation, Amazon Spark. In a both Instagram and Pinterest way, Amazon Spark is first and foremost presenting its shoppers with pictures of the products, as well as reviews and ratings. This is giving users a full product experience and understanding at the tap of their finger. Amazon Prime members also now have the ability to post on Spark, while regular Amazon users are only able to shop. In a very interactive way, users have the ability to react and interact with each other through liking and commenting on others posts. This has connected the vast population of people that shop on Amazon.

This is transforming the regular shoppers social network. It is bringing a world of social connectivity and activity to Amazon users. Through the inspiration of another users project, and the click of a picture, members can purchase the same product within seconds. This is very similar to the Triatic Closure Property as people are all connecting through the world of shopping. One person’s public preferences and likes allow strangers the opportunity to find similar items which in turn connects them. Strong relationships are formed when users consistently like similar products, and in turn weak relationships are made when people have different preferences. Shoppers are able to customize their search, giving them a more in depth shopping experience and connecting shoppers based on their likes/preferences as well as what they are shopping for. Whether you are looking for a new dress, laundry detergent or a lawn mower, you can have a personalized and simple shopping experience if you use Amazon Spark.



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