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Page Ranking Sports Teams

Lisa Zyga wrote the article, “New Algorithm Ranks Sports Teams like Google’s” to describe a new form of ranking sports teams, based on Google’s PageRank algorithm. The term PageRank itself is named not after the pages it ranks, but instead after Larry Page, one of the founders of Google. This system of ranking web pages […]

Accuracy of Information – A New Page Rank

In class, we’ve talked much about the concept of Page Rank and how it is currently defined and applied within the context of Internet browsing and searching. Essentially, we’ve defined Page Rank, in this course, to be a single measure of quality for a particular web page. This measure is indicative of how “popular” a […]

The Bandwagon Effect – World Series Edition

With the fast-approaching World Series featuring a clash between two teams with relatively small fan-bases, and with major franchises such as the Los Angeles Dodgers, St. Louis Cardinals, and New York Yankees already out of the playoff picture, the past few weeks have seen bandwagon supporters coming out in full force. It is common for […]

Let the Information Cascades Flow Since its 2013 release, the success of “Frozen” has only skyrocketed. From merchandise to baby names, the influence of the movie has permeated every corner of our current culture. Much of its fame and its ability to capture the public resulted from multiple sources. The storyline, timing of the release, and critics’ reviews […]

Facebook’s Mobile Advertising Platform

The use of online platforms, particularly social media sites, to advertise has been slowly growing in popularity. Some of these sites, take Facebook as an example, offer companies the ability to target specific demographics through their large numbers of users. With its 172 active monthly users, Facebook proves to be a very valuable tool for […]

Directed Network – Nitrogen Cycle

Nitrogen is the most abundant element on the earth. It is essential to all living things. Nitrogen cycles through both biotic and abiotic parts of the ecosystem. The image below shows the nitrogen cycle through a terrestrial ecosystem. This is a directed network similar to the webpage network we discussed in lecture. According to the […]

Improving Vulnerabilities in the U.S. Airport Network with PageRank and HITS

Ever since 9/11, the U.S. has invested significant resources into improving the security of the U.S. air transportation system. However, there are still key vulnerabilities that exist. Most critically, over 85% of the 1.4 billion people that fly annually in North America traveled through only 50 of 14,000 airports. If a few of these critical […]

Network Properties of the Internet Creates a Forum for Hate Content Based off a new research study led by Jason Chan, PhD,  which showed a positive relationship between broadband Internet access and the incidence of race-driven hate crimes, particularly those committed by individuals, this article further explores this connection.  Social networks existed before Facebook, Twitter, and countless other social networking sites existed; social networks are […]

When Drug Prices Exceed Market Clearing Prices

Consumers are feeling the crunch by pharmaceutical companies, as they increase their spending on prescription drugs by 13.1% this year. The $20 billion spent this year on drugs to treat Hepatitis C alone equates to a 5 cent-per-hour tax on every working American. While pharmaceutical companies are rightfully granted a patent to exclusively deliver their […]

Why Advertisers Should Pay Attention to Bing

While Google is uncontestably the most popular search engine, the Yahoo Bing Network has reached nearly 33% of the effective search market share, making it a significant advertising opportunity. In a 2014 analysis, nearly one in five retailers on both Google and Bing saw a greater click-through rate on Bing, revealing that there are some […]

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