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Using Social Media to Gain Confidence

The analysis that we have done on networks, especially social networks rarely considers the emotions involved in interactions.  We have talked about exchanges of money, but not of feelings.  The truth of the matter is that there is a great deal of emotion involved in social networking and posting on social media. This study discusses […]

Google’s “level of trust” in a business & PageRanks

In class, we discussed Google’s employment of the “PageRanks” algorithm, which essentially sorts competitors, and indirectly endorses businesses based on their online presence. In the article, Does Google Trust Your Business? The author discusses potential ways to improve your online presence to give way to a more lucrative business. Even if you have good success […]

Presidential Campaign Fundraising

Campaign finances have been an popular issue in this year’s Presidential Campaigns. On one hand, Donald Trump has been trying to make the case that he is a good candidate since his wealth has allowed him to remain financially independent from other companies/individuals. On the other hand, Bernie has been making that case, as president, he would […]

Power and Exchange in the Context of Salary Negotiation

One of the most important goals for a majority of Cornell students is finding a job. After submitting countless applications, worrying over interviews, and stressing over rejections, an acceptance offer–any offer with reasonable compensation–is welcome. Once offered a job and compensation package, one could accept it, decline it, or explore a third option–negotiate it. Many […]

Google Creates the Incentive to be More “Mobile Friendly”

Although laptop has larger screen and adapts to almost all the websites, users tend to get lazy and turn to browsers on their mobile phones first to look up things. In the link referred below, the article states that if one is using Google searching engine on a mobile phone, the “mobile friendly” websites are […]

The Use of PageRank as a Ranking Algorithm for Soccer Teams

In this paper written by Verica Lazova and Lasko Basnarkov of Cyril and Methodius University, the PageRank algorithm is used as a way to rank national soccer teams relative to their performance compared to other nations in the world cup. In their data analysis, they took historical results from over 7000 world cup games from […]

Market Clearing Prices and Brand Allegiances

Market Clearing prices occur at the maximum price consumers are willing to pay for a certain product before switching to a cheaper product. Consumers are constantly trying to find the best price for the items they want to buy, regardless of which company they buy it from. A Chief Marketing Officer Council and Lithium survey […]

Bargaining Power of Unions

During the early to mid 1900s, many workers were extremely dissatisfied with their working conditions and income, so they formed labor unions and pushed employers and business owners to change their employment policies. As a result, workers saw a significant increase in wage and improvement in benefits during the time period. Within the last few decades, […]

The Winner’s Curse

The winners curse is a phenomenon where the winner of an auction almost always has a negative payout, especially when the value of the item is unknown at the time of the auction. Thaler describes an experiment where a student auctions off a jar of coins (value unknown to the buyers) to her class: the […]

Winning eBay Auctions

As learned in class, second-price, sealed-big auctioning occurs where the highest bidder wins the product, but only pays the price of the second-highest bid. No matter the scenario, the dominant strategy in this auction is to bid what the item is worth to you. If you bid lower than your value, and the item is […]

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