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Academic Dishonesty and SEO

Original Article:   Amidst a growing scandal, major UK-based publisher Biomed Central retracted 43 bogus scientific papers this year after they were found to be predicated on “fabricated” peer reviews. While this alone comes as a shock, what makes this recent development even more significant is that it points to an increasingly prevalent “peer […]

Facebook Exchange

Have you ever searched  for a product, service, or organization on google, clicked on the results, and found the same search results pop up on your Facebook feed as ads? Apparently, the ads that Facebook presents to its users have a correlation to the google searches conducted by that user. I remember seeing  firsthand evidence […]

Braess’ Paradox in Australia

Australia started to try and undergo some changes in it’s roads and transportation systems. When trying to add what would’ve been known as the East West Link, that project failed due to disagreements. In addition, the Victorian Government ended up wasting $339 million dollars on it. The disagreements were if the addition of this new […]

Game Theory: More Applicable Than You May Think

This past summer, I traveled to London to take a course called “Bargaining and Negotiations: Interests, Information, Strategy and Power.” Since my introduction to the topic, I have been more aware of tactics I can use to pull a negotiation in a certain direction. I realize now that all of the mental calculations and strategizing […]

Declining Importance of In-Links for Google Page Ranking

Searchmetrics recently investigated the characteristics of pages with high Google rankings and the factors that seem associated with these pages, and found that relevant and high quality content is more important than in-links (or backlinks as described in the article). We discussed the strategy of ranking pages based on the number of links on other […]

How to get people to actually come to your fundraiser event

When would you describe someone as socially influential? Someone who has the most likes on his/her tweets on Twitter? Or someone who has the most friends on Facebook? In the article, the author defines socially influence as the ability to persuade others into doing what you suggested them to do. Therefore, being socially influential requires […]

Network of Champions: Using a Web Search Algorithm for World Cup Rankings

The vast prevalence of networks in the digital and non-digital world and the versatility of concepts into almost any realm of interest  is exemplified when Google’s PageRank algorithm meets the world’s most popular sport—association football, or soccer. Since soccer is such a globally celebrated sport, it is no doubt that spot as the world’s best […]

The Game Theory of Baseball

The duel between a pitcher and batter is arguably the most important aspect of baseball and as such it is very important to understand the dynamics at play between the pitcher and batter. A pitcher must decide which type of pitch to throw (fastball, changeup, slider, etc.) and where to aim each pitch (high, low, […]

Nash Bargaining Solution in Patents

Up until some years ago, the payment of intellectual properties was established by a rule of thumb called the “25% rule”, where 25% of the profit earned by the use of some intellectual property was paid to the owner of the patent and 75% was paid to the company that manufactures or deals with the […]

With Innovation Comes Power

Facebook, the center of our generation’s social network, is incredibly related to our Networks class in many ways. It is a perfect venue to study many of the core concepts of Networks such as central nodes and Strong Triadic Closure. As the Facebook network has grown to over a billion users, with many having hundreds […]

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