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The Doctor-Patient Dilemma

Game theory can be applied to nearly every facet of society that requires interpersonal interaction. Delving into deeper social studies, strategic maintenance in relationships is a norm. Unfortunately, a facet that we like to think less of as “strategic”, but may have prevalent bases in game theory strategies more than we realize is the medical exchange between the […]

Steroids: The Prisoner’s Dilemma

The prisoner’s dilemma occurs all the time in the real world. One example is in sports and doping. There have been many incidents of steroid use including Major League Baseball, Lance Armstrong and cyclists, and college sports. These people who cheat use steroids because it happens to be their optimal strategy, given that the risk […]

Negotiations, Mediations, and Game Theory

Link to be discussed: Blog Post: As described by the above article, “Game theory is the study of strategic decision-making between two or more parties where the decisions of one party are driven by the other party’s expected actions.” With this definition in mind, the article explains how in situations of conflicts, and specifically in […]

NBA and Game Theory: Optimal Late-Game Strategy and Three-Point Dependency

The inception of the three-point shot was originally thought to be insignificant in the grand scheme of basketball strategy. Teams relied heavily upon a tall, strong center who could dominate close to the basket for easy shots at earning two points. Nevertheless, it’s introduction to the professional game brought about several changes in how many […]

Scientists Use Game Theory to Fight Against Cancer Metastasis

The journey towards understanding and treating cancer has been a long one and scientists are still working on developing effective treatments against the disease that continues to plague patients. One such group of scientists, at Johns Hopkins University, have utilized game theory to identify one methodology that can be taken to fight effectively against metastasis, […]

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