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A Game Theory Analysis of India-Pakistan Relationships

India and Pakistan never had the most warm of friendships. This is a situation that stretches back to the partition of India around 70 years ago, but there is no sign of an improvement. One of the central pieces of disagreement is about Kashmir, whether it should stay with India or become part of Pakistan. […]

Game Theory in the SuperBowl In the linked article “Applying Game Theory: Three’s a Charm,” the Economist talks about the play calling at the end the 2015 Super Bowl where the New England Patriots beat the Seattle Seahawks 28-24. The last offensive plays for the Seahawks were a pass, a run, and another pass, and the Economist contends that this […]

Power of LinkedIn: The Weak Ties

It is again that time of the year — job hunting season. When underclassmen are eagerly looking for summer internships and when seniors are finalizing their full time offers, LinkedIn inevitably gets more attentions. Although everyone is updating their LinkedIn profile with the newest headshot and beautifully written description of the most recent projects, some […]

Power Imbalance in Online Dating Scams

In class, we’ve generally associated power in networks with economic or financial power, or how a person could gain their highest payoff by negotiating with their neighbors. Bargaining power however, is also affected by other external factors, such as emotions (think “The Ultimatum Game”). In the case of Audrey Elrod, her emotional vulnerability and situational ignorance made […]

The Importance of Networking in Job Search by Analyzing Strong Ties/ Weak Ties

Networking means establishing a large number of contacts that are willing to help you in your job search. These people may be family relatives, high school friends, or people you’ve met in a social or business setting. They may give you an advantage over other job seekers by giving you advice, or even recommendations to […]

Playing Doctor

Generally when we go to the doctor we don’t intend to be playing games, yet game theory can be an integral part the doctor-patient interaction. In this article, the author goes to the doctor for his first check-up as an adult. The doctor recommends that the author start taking pills (that he should take indefinitely) […]

Updating HTTP

As we talked about in lecture, the World Wide Web has been around since 1989. Its hypertext-based structure proved to be very well suited for organizing data on the internet. However, the way we use the internet has changed drastically since then, so it’s a problem that HTTP/1.1, a major component of transferring data on […]

“What a Small World!”

We’ve all heard some variation of “what a small world!” People say it when they’re surprised that this stranger is somehow their parent’s high school’s best friend’s daughter’s boyfriend (or something of that nature). However, people around you say this phrase so many times that I bet you often wonder if there was ever a […]

Real-world game theory

This article details how game theory can be directly applied to real-world and, in this case, political situations. The article describes how the United Nations is working to combat climate change and create effective policies as the Paris negotiations approach. Over fifty countries submitted pledges to the United Nations detailing their plans of action regarding […]

The Internet and becoming “Inter”-national

For many people who are born and raised on American soil, the Internet is a limitless source of information that doesn’t require much more digging than a Google search. But for many others throughout the world, that access to Internet content relies on whether that material is translated and available on a internationalized domain name (IDN) compatible […]

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