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New Option to Filter ‘Depressing’ Memories From Facebook

(Photo from Huffington Post) Facebook’s popular ‘On This Day’ feature has been widely used by users around the world, sharing friendships and anniversaries and throwback pictures. However, since people share both good and bad news on social media, some memories would do more harm than good when resurfaced. Recently, Facebook has received much criticism for […]

The Deep Web and the Dark Web

I read an article that discusses the Dark Web, which is a website compilation that is available to the public, but their servers’ IP addresses are hidden. One can’t use a search engine to find these websites. The encryption services used typically protect the identities of both parties. Thus, websites for buying and selling recreational […]

American Football: What to do at Crunch Time?

Sports are some of the worlds most popular games played and American football is one of the most followed. Every down played in football is planned beforehand; the formula of each play is decided upon by coaches and players from carefully designed and endlessly practiced strategies. Both offense and defense have multiple plays to choose […]

Patreon: An Epitome of Web 2.0

A few decades ago, the Internet was first conceived as a more efficient indexing system for accessing information and documents. Today, the Internet is ubiquitous and multipurpose; a user can stream music, order a product, video call a friend, and arrange a ride all in the same breath. And it — with its new bells […]

On the Effects of Competing Advertisements in Keyword Auctions

This study looked to understand the impact of advertisements for competitor companies when they are placed in the same area of a search engine. The researchers were able to determine that “all clicks are not created equal”, especially when it comes to competing companies (1). Knowing the impact of advertisement layout is essential for keeping […]

Instagram and Visual Marketing

As social media becomes more prevalent in every day life, different companies and corporations are turning to social media platforms for marketing. Many of them are now realizing the benefits of using Instagram as a new means of marketing. Instagram is a social media application that allows users to post pictures with captions and hashtags […]

PageRank Reveals Top Soccer Teams

In this course and in general, the PageRank algorithm is typically associated for ranking websites. This algorithm was developed by Google and is used to rank importance of a website based on how many other sites have a link to this site. Sometimes there are other applications as well, including ranking scientific papers or candidates […]

Using Artificial Intelligence to Improve Search Engine Optimization

One of the biggest topics in the web industry is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is the process of affecting visibility of a website in a search engine’s unpaid results. This means getting a website to be ranked high in a search engine’s results for queries that imply the sender could be a consumer of […]

App Store Optimization – Increase Product Ranking

This analysis targets those computer scientists and entrepreneurs interested in not only joining the app development world but also thriving in it. It’s one thing to produce an innovative app, from the idea to its functionality, but it’s another thing to market the app and make profits. Anyone (potentially) can create an app, pay to […]

How Game Theory makes life easier

As technology continues to expand we get an influx of things, and with this explosion of things in our lives we have to be able to sort through them and make choices as to what we want. While many of us use just intuition to do this, one more effective way to make choices would […]

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