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What Qualifies as a View?

Many of us have Facebook profiles and almost all of us are familiar with Google’s video service, YouTube. Other video watching sites and applications exist as well (Vine, Twitter, and Instagram). Frequently, we hear statements like, “Rihanna’s new music video has over 5 million views!” However, it’s difficult to decide what exactly a view is. […]

Bidding strategy in electricity market

The bidding process in the electricity market is different from the process of common auctions. In a particular kind of market called the poolco market, the bidding process is such that buyers and sellers(power generators) submit bids of how much blocks of energy to buy or sell as well as the price they are willing […]

Getting More Attention Online

There is a Forbes article that has published fourteen tips on how to get “more noticed” online and make sure your blog is successful. These tips make sense based on our understanding of the network concepts related to link analysis using hubs and authorities. For instance, one tip is “the more powerful the website that […]

How Social Networks Can Strengthen the Bargaining Power of Actresses to Defeat Income Inequality

A recent furor in social media has arisen from actresses speaking out against the blatant income inequality they face when compared to their male co-stars. This has been a problem perpetuated by the practices and culture of Hollywood, where men are subtly (sometimes blatantly) favored over women; this is a culture that people buy into […]

Other Applications of PageRank

In class and on our homeworks, we spent a good bit of time discussing the topic of PageRank. However, PageRank is most often thought of in the context of how its creators, Google, would most often use it—global web searches. However, this idea of ranking search results based on outside sources that support a result’s […]

Game Theory :High School Selection Applications

Every year the New York City wide school district must allocate all of its eighth graders to different high schools. The student’s parents must preference their top five schools in order. The concern is there will be a greater concentration of bids for more highly rated schools, consequently making them more selective. Unfortunately, some schools […]

Facebook and its new Ad structure

Facebook has a new structure to advertising campaigns. They are making easier to organize, optimize and measure your ads. Compared to the previous campaign structure, the new structure now consists of three: Campaigns, Ad sets and Ads. Campaigns are designed to help people optimize and measure your results for each objective across multiple and sets […]

All Roads Point to Philosophy

There is a really interesting phenomenon which applies to 95% of Wikipedia pages where if you click recursively click on the first non-parenthesized and non-italicized link on a page (ignoring broken links, links to the same page, or external links) you will always end on on the article about Philosophy. If you apply this to […]

First page search rankings are no guarantee of success: here’s why

Studies have proven that the vast majority of people do not look at the second page of search engine results, so one of the goals of websites is to appear on the first page. Appearing on the first page gives businesses and sites the luxury of displaying their services, products, or content to people. But […]

Not so Free Lunch

You may not think of it at first, but many of the services that we consider “free”, including the likes of Facebook, Google and Gmail all come with a hidden cost. Companies like Facebook and Google stand to make billions of dollars on advertising revenue (and in fact, they do) by selling highly targeted ads. Facebook’s ad […]

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