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Not all algorithms were created equally

Google, a multinational technology company, is known for many things – their internet related services, advertising, the colors: red, yellow, blue, and green, Google glass, Google Chrome, the list goes on… However, the single most important contributor to Google’s success and fame has to be their search algorithm. A secret akin to the Mr. Krab’s […]

Web 3.0 Is In the Oven

We’ve seen a great evolution of the World Wide Web since Tim Berners-Lee wrote the first web browser at CERN in 1990. The Web was originally a tool used primarily by scientific communities and the military, but since, it has become a global networking, learning, and sharing necessity. The original web invented by Tim Berners-Lee, […]

Small businesses and manipulating PageRank

In the past 10 years, “Google it” has replaced “Look this up” in our vocabulary.  Googling something has become a wide-spread lingo for finding anything on the internet, whether it be who won the 2004 Presidential Election or buying new shoes. A lot of consumers just google the name of their desired products  in order […]

Game Theory & U.N. Climate Negotations

In class, we discussed game theory and how one can predict how people will make decisions. This article discusses how a team of economists from Europe believe that they can predict the outcome of the negotiations occurring in Paris. To begin with, the economists considered the different positions of the countries and thought about each […]

Eurozone Central Bank’s Reverse Auction Pilot Program

During the month of October, the central banks of France, the Netherlands and Lithuania experimented with using reverse auctions to make purchases under the European Central Bank (ECB)’s large-scale bond-buying program. This system is similar to the one employed by the U.S. Federal Reserve in its own quantitative easing program and could potentially improve the […]

How Facebook is beating Google at its own game

As we discussed in class the way Google makes its money is through selling ads to be displayed when people use the search engine. The reason why Google has managed to keep a stranglehold over the ad market is because of the amount of people who use the site. However, the fact is foot traffic […]

Domain Authority in Relation to PageRank

After discussing Google’s PageRank algorithm in class, I wanted to learn more about other ranking algorithms that are used on the web. As a recap, the PageRank algorithm was developed by Larry Page and, as quoted from the article linked below, “is a simple measurement of links and link equity.” In other words, Google scans […]

Facebook’s New Ad Format

Facebook has come out with a new way of advertising videos on their website. Facebook now has the ability to play video ads in a “carousel” ad format. This will allow the user to scroll through multiple videos from the advertiser. Facebook is saying that this “format gives marketers more options for compelling storytelling in […]

Pay per click prices and small business

The rising expense of pay-per-click (ppc) advertising is becoming prohibitive for small businesses, and as a result some are decreasing the proportion of their advertising budget that goes toward ppc. Instead, they are turning to companies like HubSpot, which divide their advertising budget into pay per click and other methods of advertising, including optimizing a […]

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