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LinkedIn’s endorsement feature and “Hubs and Authorities”

LinkedIn has established itself as a professional social network. According to their quarterly report, over half of the company’s revenue came from the Hiring Service Business they offered to their primary paying customers. Therefore, providing their business customers quality candidate search service is a significant aspect of their business model. In September 2012, the company […]

Do social networks affect your health?

In a study done at Harvard it was shown that social networks have a very big impact on the people that are involved in them.  The two main topics that were tested were weight and happiness.  It was found that if someone close to an individual such as a sibling (strong tie) became obese it […]

How Game Theory Applies to Lobbying and Why it Shows That We Need Political Change

We are approaching one week since Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders took the stage against Hillary Clinton in the first Democratic Debate for the 2016 Democratic Nomination. One of the most popular lines of his was “It is not Congress that regulates Wall St. It’s Wall St. that the regulates U.S. Congress!”. Clinton, on Wall Street, […]

Labor Relations: Just a Game

The NBA and the NBPA (National Basketball Player’s Association) engage in negotiations toward their collective bargaining agreement every few years, this happens because the prior contract expires or one of the parties opts out. Negotiations will likely begin again in 2017, as the players and their union presumably opt out of the current deal that […]

Yelp’s Using Image Search and How Yelp Works

Frances Haugen, a former employee of Google, now works on building up search techniques at Yelp. While working at Google, she found it amazing that Google was able to help you “peer into a giant mountain of data” by using search techniques to help you find what you want. She wants to bring some of […]

The Ultimatum Game – Real Life Applications

The first article linked describes an aspect of game theory that the course touched on during the lecture: The Ultimatum Game. Specifically, the article examines a real life connection to The Ultimatum Game using the notion of a divorce negotiation and compares the outcomes of the two situations. The author delves into the idea that […]

Search Engines and Society

In the current digital era, we have many new technologies that have revolutionized and modernized the way many perform traditional processes. One such process that has been reinvented is the processes of learning about and researching topics. Where previously people would visit libraries and talk to a librarian to learn about information or would learn […]

Power in the YouTube Community

Recently Forbes has published the earnings of top online YouTube stars who have become multi-millionaires through posting videos. The rankings include Pew Die Pie, Smosh, Fine Brothers, Lindsey Stirling, Rheet & Link, KSI, Michelle Phan, Lily Singh, Roman Atwood, and Rosanna Pansino. The article goes on to describe how these individuals have risen to their […]

Click Fraud

Modern web advertisements are pay-per-click, and some of those clicks are rather expensive: over $100 at the upper end. Upon seeing such a large figure charged for something as small as a single click, the natural question is whether there is anything to prevent people from abusing the system. For example, it would be rather […]

Networks as seen in Financial Investments

There exists two different kinds of financial investors: those prefer risky business and are willing to invest at any given time and those who prefer a safer and money-saving approach when investing. During economic crises and market failures, the first group of people are more likely to buy shares whereas the second group of people are […]

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