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How Negotiations Work

The article cited below goes more in depth into the subject of negotiations. It places emphasis on a term coined “Best Alternative to Negotiated Agreement.” In lecture, we simply referred to this as an outside alternative or option but the concepts are identical. The outcome of a negotiation lies largely in the size of one’s […]

Search Engine Competition

Google’s primary competitor in Russia is Yandex, their leading search engine. However, Yandex filed a complaint against Google, and consequently, Google was found guilty of violating Russian Competition Law. The complaint was based on the fact that the US Internet blocked other service providers and, according to Russia, abused its power in the Android market. […]

Hunger Game(s) Theory

Wired author Samuel Arbesman made some compelling observations about the prevalence of mathematics in The Hunger Games. The first portion of the article covers the probability of having one’s name drawn (which is pretty neat- I suggest reading the full article) while the second portion examines the issue of sleeping and group alliances in a […]

Breas’s Paradox and You! and how nothing makes any sense-

Ever wonder If getting rid of one of your lanes of traffic would make your commute quicker? Ever wonder how you could add another path to for current flow in a circuit and increase voltage drop? Ever wonder if adding salt to a pineapple will make it taste sweeter instead of more salty? No? It […]

Auction Psychology: Emotions behind Bidding

When we hear the word “auction,” in many times we think of the ascending-bid auctions. In these auctions, the seller raises the price step-by-step until the final price is reached for only one bidder to remain and win while others drop out. In this case, staying after the seller’s price reaches the bidder’s true value […]

A Game (Theory) of Attrition

There’s been a lot of buzz lately about parents not wanting to vaccinate their kids and the government’s responsibility to enforce either vaccinations or the freedom to opt-out. Blog writer Will Rosenbaum has looked at the parent’s logic through game theory to try to understand their reasoning in his post which can be found at […]

The power of search engine optimization

As the world wide web continues to grow bigger, our interactions with information has completely changed. The previous issue of lack of information has completely turned into a problem of overabundance of information. As a result, there needs to be a way to narrow down search results that are most relevant to a query. As […]

The Future of SEO

Article referenced in post: The attached article focuses on how SEO has evolved from its origins at the turn of the 21st century. Nowadays, SEO is a lot more complicated – search engine algorithms gauge your page’s credibility based on factors such as inbound/outbound links, page design, social media presence, and content. And gone are […]

Six Degrees of Separation amongst Actors

The Six Degrees of Separation phenomenon is perhaps one of the most interesting and counterintuitive theories in networks/sociology. The theory suggests that there is an inherent property of networks on a global scale such that the average number of steps to connect any two individuals is 6. The theory has been the subject of various […]

Social Networks and Business Social networks are generally known for implying significant degrees of stature/status inequalities among individuals. Having more friends on Facebook, followers on Instagram  or retweets  on Twitter tend to indicate who is more popular, well liked or influential in certain circles. Nowadays businesses have also noted that analyzing these social networks to indicate who has […]

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