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Pay for Ad-Free YouTube

Starting today, YouTube is launching YouTube Red where you pay $9.99 per month for removing ads and a subscription to YouTube Music. The money made directly from viewers instead of marketing will go to help support the creators. This change greatly effects  companies relying on those 5 to 30 second ads before the video is […]

Modeling Traffic, Gridlock and Bottlenecks

After infamous “bridgegate” scandal, where the administration of the Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie planned a “bridge gridlock”, the issue of how traffic is caused should be examined. It is firstly important to not the distinction between gridlock and bottlenecks. A bottleneck is when there is some slowing zone that causes cars to build […]

Limitations of PageRank

A natural question to ask when learning an algorithm is, “What are the limitations?” The PageRank algorithm crawls pages on the Internet and assigns each page a score depending on its “importance” in the structure of the Internet. A greater score implies greater authority on a topic or key phrase. At one point an essential […]

Filter Bubbles and Personalized Results

As companies such as Facebook and Google collect more and more data on their users, they being to create a picture of who you are and what you like. They use this data to enhance your experience by creating personalized results that show you more things you want to see, and less things that you don’t. […]


The PageRank of a node is “a numerical quantity that is repeatedly refined using an update rule,” according to Networks, Crowds, and Markets. The page rank confers a certain amount of authority to a page based on the number of pages it links to and the number of pages that link to it. This ranking […]

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