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Internships and Market Matching

It’s that time of year again: computer science students all over the country are deep in the internship application process, trying their luck at scores of different companies in hopes of landing a coveted internship for the summer of 2016. Google is often considered to be among the best companies one could intern with, due to […]

Explaining a Cornerstone of Game Theory: John Nash’s Equilibrium

John F. Nash Jr. was an American mathematician with tremendous contributions in game theory. However, the game theory was invented by John Von Neumann. The game theory attempts to look at the decision making in situations of a variety of competitions. It can be applied to economics, biology, political science, as well as computer science, […]

The Decline of Keywords

During the beginnings of Google, its search engine optimization (SEO) was highly abusable in that its primary determinant was the PageRank algorithm.  To generate more traffic to a webpage, people abused the simplistic nature of the PageRank algorithm by creating sites that contained a high density of keywords in a niche subject. These sites would all point […]

A Connected World?

Links : We have been learning a lot about how connected the world has become with the advancements in technology and the introduction of the internet. What essentially started as a means to reach a number of universities to share research information, has grown far beyond what those first “internet” users could have […]

U.S. Political Atmosphere

Interestingly enough, the current ongoing presidential race can be routed back to our course, Networks I, through several different avenues. First, there is an aspect of game theory at play, especially with regards to the current 2016 presidential race. Obviously, a candidate’s platform will reflect certain aspects of game theory, as they joust with other […]

Game Theory and ATMs The addition of the ATM into the banking system changed the banking game dramatically–customers could get their money more conveniently, banks made much more money and branches of banks got cut.  An important aspect of an ATM is its location. A study found that, for a U.K. bank with 2,500 ATMs, when its lowest […]

Microsoft’s Network Expansion Strategy

It’s no secret that Microsoft has been struggling in recent years to get a foothold in the mobile market. This is in large part due to their late entry to the game, after Apple and Google had already well established themselves in the market. Today, Windows Phone 8.1 (soon to be Windows 10 Mobile) is […]

Game Theory in UN Negotiations

Game Theory in its essence is the mathematics behind rational decision- making. It attempts to simplify the herculean task of determining human behavior and decision making using probability and statistical tools. It is important to apply Game Theory in business negotiations such as the examples of Apple, Samsung and Google that we studied in class, […]

Alliance Friendship in the Social Networks of Bottlenose Dolphins

Resources: The social networks of dolphins have long been studied, and a wealth of literature has been published on the subject. As dolphins, like humans, have relatively large brains, it is reasonable to presume that many of the complex phenomena that factor into the construction of dolphin social networks also apply to human […]

Internet of Things

A brief discussion of Internet of Things (IoT) protocols:,news-21085.html One of the more popular topics in gadgetry as of late has been the “Internet of Things” – an in-home network of appliances and devices, from phones to light switches. Personally, only my major home electronics have any sort of networking built in, and I […]

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