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According to Game Theory, Chimpanzees are better than humans.

In a January 2013 TED talk, Colin Camerer talked about how the brain strategizes. Specifically, he talked about research that analyzed what parts of the brain are active in tests that use game theory. The research is based around Cognitive Hierarchy Theory, (CHT), which is essentially a theory that attempts to describe thought processes in […]

Bargaining and Power in “Pawn Stars”

Pawn Stars is a popular television show that depicts transactions that are performed in a Las Vegas pawnshop. In this show, the pawnshop owners purchase items from potential sellers who often enter the pawnshop with valuable items. Pawn Stars shows many exchanges, which involve the negotiation of a mutually agreeable price. In a typical transaction, the […]

To Vote or Not To Vote: A Game

The articles I read consider the upcoming political elections as a “game theory” game. Like the games discussed in lecture, the political elections have inherent strategies. Specific to the political election, the strategies include which candidate you vote for, including whether or not you actually choose to vote. But, in the same way that certain […]

Networks in Contract Negotiation

The current off-season in the NBA has seen a plethora of gigantic contracts given to players previously undeserving of contracts of these size. Many of these have been facilitated by the signing of a $24 billion TV deal signed by the NBA, increasing the league’s profits and thereby the salary cap in the future (in […]

How to Buy a Car: Game Theory Edition

In our extremely mobile society, odds are that you will come into contact with the car-buying process at some point in your life.  Whether you’re buying a car by choice or by necessity, no one likes to feel like they were charged too much for an already expensive purchase.  This, along with all the other […]

Prisoner’s Dilemma Can Only Solve So Much

Having reflected on a blog post from a current classmate, I researched the theory of Subjective Expected Relative Similarity (SERS). The application of Game Theory and particularly the Prisoner’s Dilemma, has allowed researchers to apply such studies to evolutionary biology questions. An article, calling cooperation in evolutionary biology into question, primarily focuses on the animal’s […]

The Payoff of Defending Hillary Clinton

In Tuesday night’s democratic presidential debate, there was a memorable moment when Senator (I-VT) Bernie Sanders was asked by CNN’s debate moderator Anderson Cooper to weigh in on the scandal that has rocked former Secretary of State (D-NY) Hillary Clinton campaign: her emails. Instead of attacking Clinton, like Lincoln Chafee subtly did in his opening […]

The Authority on Protein Powder Using Linked-Based Ranking

By Jean-Luc LeClair Walk into any gym nowadays and you’re just as likely to hear the rattling of a shaker bottle as the clanking of weights. Nutritional supplements have become so ingrained in our culture that it’s hard to imagine following up a great workout without a post-workout supplement. With annual sales of over 2.7 […]

A More Efficient Shortest Pathing Algorithm

In my last blog post I briefly discussed the value of finding a shortest path between 2 nodes on a weighted graph, and mentioned Dijkstra’s Algorithm – a way for a computer to algorithmically find such a path. Now, while Dijkstra’s Algorithm is guaranteed to terminate and find the correct answer – assuming that there is a path […]

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