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Technology, Uber, and Matching Markets

Recently, there has been a change in the taxi industry due to new technological apps like Uber and Lyft. These new sources of technology have introduced a much more efficient way of transportation in major cities than when cities only had normal taxis. Authors Cramer and Krueger researched the difference in efficiency between UberX drivers […]

Syrian Conflict through a Game Theory Lens

There are many ways the lessons which we have been presented so far can be applied to the ongoing Syrian conflict. In this blog, we will simplify the Syrian conflict to an example of Game Theory. As usual, the United States is at odds with Russia in a conflict over the territories of the sides […]

Game Theory of Super Bowl XLIX

Believe it or not the ending to Super Bowl XLIX involving the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks contained more game theory than one could expect. Basic game theory analyzes the possible outcomes based on choices made by the two players. Each choice made by the two players affects the outcome of the combination of […]

How to win Rock-Paper-Scissors

This past summer, at a camp, I had to play a massive game of rock-paper-scissors in which the loser of the game would cheer on the winner who went on to play other winners. It ended with another counselor and I and about fifteen people cheering us both on. It was a hard fought game […]

The flaw in the rule makes every competitor want to lose the game

It is universally known that everyone devotes themselves hard in order to become the winner of the game. Therefore, it seems like a paradox that they try to lose the game to win. The theory is the competition is usually a series of games. Players who intend to lose for this game are trying to […]

Microsoft – LinkedIn Deal: An Applied Analysis of Transaction Game Theory

In June 2016, Microsoft announced that it would acquire LinkedIn for $26.2 billion in an all cash transaction. The union of these two companies represents one of the largest acquisitions of the year and presents a number of interesting considerations around the potential synergies between the two companies. As background, Microsoft is a leading technology company […]

Social Networking: Gangster Style

Social networks existed far before the age of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. In Prohibition-era Chicago, these networks existed in the form of organized crime, and no criminal network was more famous than Al Capone’s Chicago Outfit. The Outfit was the infamous Italian-American crime syndicate that fiercely contested other gangs for control over Chicago’s illegal alcohol […]

Theyrule and Networks of the Elite

Article: Http:// is an amazing interactive design depicting the connections between leaders of top corporations, universities, foundations and institutions. The edges indicate which boards people sit on. The project is designed to show the corruption that occurs because of the networks between these higher ups. The article in Washington Post is an investigation of the […]

Braess’ Paradox in the World of Science

In our study of game theory, we looked at an example about the “game” of traffic and commutes. The goal of a driver is reach their destination in the shortest amount of time, which can be done so by avoiding traffic. Determining which path one would choose has much to do with human psychology, with […]

Braess’ Paradox and the Katy Freeway

It’s reasonable to think that a valid solution to congestion would be to simply open a new road or lane for traffic, the thinking behind this being that opening a new lane of traffic divides the number of cars from two lanes of traffic to three lanes. This would in turn reduce the number of cars on a […]

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