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Game Theory and Basketball: A Look Into Crucial Decision Making Ever since 1891, basketball has been a team based game that takes into account teamwork and individual skill. Each individual player on each team needs to take into account various factors in order to achieve the goal of the game, which is to score more points than the opposing team. Choosing between these various […]

What is the Future for the Global Financial Market? The world is in a shaky place according to A Gary Shilling. He says that Brexit just made the global financial markets even more unstable and goes on to list what we would expect to see if something like this happened but says that those things never actually happened. What has actually happened is […]

Donald Trump’s Strengths and Weaknesses as seen by Game Theory

As discussed in class, the prisoner dilemma is the result of coaxing two suspected accomplices into confessing with the promise of decreased jail time. The game turns into a tournament when prisoners are faced with the dilemma again and again. The winner of one modeled tournament was called “Tit for Tat.” Its strategy was as […]

LinkedIn’s Strength in Weak Ties     Networks play a powerful role, a bridge between the local and the global, offering explanation for the way nodes and links interact in a complex world. LinkedIn, a business oriented social network service, has been connecting people for the past 13 years. The number of users has increased from 37 […]

Game Theory in a Goal-Line Offense

When Seahawks fans woke up the morning after Super Bowl XLIX, there was one question on their minds – Why did we throw the ball? At the time, it was one of the most baffling play calls in NFL history. Seattle was sitting on the 1-yd line with one of the best and most powerful running backs […]

Overwhelming Political Media on Facebook Leads to More Friends

The article below describes the effect that Facebook has had on the upcoming election. Facebook Newsfeed’s have been overwhelmingly filled with political articles, videos, and pictures that have been viewed many times and have been shared over and over again. Regardless of if you are a republican, democrat, or neither, it is impossible to avoid […]

OPEC’s Prisoner’s Dilemma

The attached article on OPEC outlines the role of national interest in the production of crude oil, focusing particular attention on Iran and the miniscule likelihood that the country will participate in an output freeze plan alongside other OPEC producers. OPEC, which retains significant influence over the total global supply of oil and global oil […]

What has being nice ever gotten me?

In the article linked below, Steven Strogatz, in an interview with Business Insider reporter Elena Holodny, discusses the history of key results in the field of game theory which have led to its use in the description of our human morality. This article is an appropriate addition to this blog, as its treatment of a […]

Group Affiliations of Political Rumor Believers

As social media has increased in popularity in recent years, so has its role increased in disseminating information. While correct facts are certainly communicated across social networks in sites such as Facebook and Twitter, false rumors also abound. Such rumors (e.g. “Barack Obama’s birth records were sealed” [Shin et al.]) may be politically charged and expressed often […]

Game Theory and the film ‘WarGames’ WarGames is 1983 film which I remember having seen as a child. While I was still too young to follow everything in the film the first time I saw it, WarGames was my first introduction to the concept of game theory. In the film, a failing high school student and genius hacker by the name of David Lightman, […]

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