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The Tragedy of the Commons and Project Ocean Shield

We’ve mentioned the applications of Networks, graph theory, and game theory to the field of international relations in the context of officially positive or officially negative relationships; we can also use the study of game theory to understand the challenges nation states face in the process of international cooperation. With issues such as climate change […]

Scheduling in the 2015 NFL Season: An Application of Graph Theory

In 2015, the New England Patriots and the Carolina Panthers dominated the National Football League regular season. Football analysts and armchair general managers alike credited the success of these two organizations to their talent, coaching, and powerhouse quarterbacks. However, a recent discovery by Professor Stephen Miller at Rutgers University provides a new perspective on exactly […]

Game Theory and the Greek Debt Crisis

In 2015 Greece was going through a major debt crisis which was severely affecting both themselves and the European Union as a whole. During that time when Greece and the European Union were trying to handle this growing crisis, BBC News put out an article that related this situation to game theory and the Prisoner’s […]

Humans and Wild Birds Talk to Each Other to Find Honey in Mozambique In the article “Humans and Wild Birds Talk to Each Other to Find Honey in Mozambique”, author Karl Gruber discusses the recently discovered phenomenon of Mozambique honey hunters forging a relationship with wild birds towards a common goal, namely: to find the location of bees’ nests. The interesting thing is that not only the […]

Dominant Strategy to Believe in God

Pascal is famous for his mathematic contributions – one that especially rings a bell is Pascal’s triangle. He was also one of the original proponents of decision theory. In lieu of game theory, which represents the social situation between two players facing different strategies, decision theory instead focuses on only player with different strategies facing some […]

Game Theory and The Merger Arbitrage

As we have discussed in class, game theory can be used to model the outcomes of “games” by using the possible actions and associated probabilities of the game’s “players”. The financial markets and the people who trade within them are a perfect example of a game that can be modeled using game theory. Specifically, many traders can use […]

FCC Auctions

Today at 10am, the Federal Communications Commission began the second round of the auctioning process to sell the licenses of parts of the broadcast television spectrum. Companies such as AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Comcast, Dish and others are bidding on this wireless spectrum. The acquisition of these licenses would be incredibly beneficial for the progress of these companies. […]

Game Theory in late-game situations – to shoot a 3 or 2?

In basketball, many games are decided by one basket or less. When it gets down to the wire, often teams are faced with this scenario: one team will be down by 2 points and have the last shot. They can decide either to shoot a two-pointer and send the game into overtime, where 5 extra […]

The Opte Project and Visualizing the Internet

At its essence, the internet is simply connections between computers in various points of the world. Traceroute (known as traceroute or tracert) is a valuable diagnostic tool allowing users to see the individual servers or “hops” accessed on the way to a given end destination host. This begs the question, could I use this tool […]

Chinese WeChat: A better platform for network analysis

“Can I add you on Wechat?” If you meet someone new, “Can I add you on Wechat” has become a part of greeting conversation in Chinese people’s daily life. Wechat, as an mobile app, now plays a crucial and irreplaceable part in Chinese network. It integrates functions of phone, massage, voice massage, and allows you […]

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