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Airlines: (Route) Networks supported by (Computer) networks

Physically speaking, airlines are large networks whose graphs consist of the airports which they service (i.e. nodes) and the routes that they fly (i.e. edges). There are a few basic models for the physical airline networks. First is the hub-and-spoke model, in which airlines concentrate their operations in a few airports, providing feeder service to […]

Hunger Games through Game Theory

The story is about a society which is made of a central capital, the Capitol, and 12 districts that come under its ruling. About three-quarters of a century ago, the districts kindled a rebellion against the authorities that the Capitol had to put down. Hunger Games are played, annually, as a reminder of what happens […]

Is climate change a prisoner’s dilemma? The linked article is a very interesting take on climate change. It is a part of a continuous series of articles trying to model climate change and the decisions made by important participants in climate change using game theory. For instance, it models the United States and China as two important players in climate […]

A Terrorist’s Strategy

The article Hawks, doves, and birds of paradise explores the dichotomy between expected and actual human behavior, specifically, as relating to perpetrators of terrorism. Leading with a reference to the confrontational capacities embedded in humans and animals, author R. H. Sprinkle discusses the qualities characterizing a human who is faced with a decision: he is […]

How Can Game Theory Help Your PPC Marketing?

Game Theory, as we’ve seen in class, has many applications. In fact, 1-800 Contacts recently applied it to their Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. The reason for the theory is that competing companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in advertising only to steal each other’s customers. What good does all that advertising money do if […]

Modeling the Dispersion of Network Ties Based on Relationship Status on Facebook

When analyzing the distances between users in an online network,  connections among users on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter can offer insights into the ways, and how often, people interact in real life. One of the most interesting ways in which an individual users network expands is through engaging another user in […]

Creation of the Spectrum Auction

The theory behind auctions is truly fascinating. The thought that must be put into designing them and the strategy behind participating in the auction is a lot more complicated than what it appears to be at the surface. In 1993, Bill Clinton signed a law which granted the government to license away spectrum licenses, certain […]

Game Theory and Rock, Paper, Scissors

Most children become familiar with the game Rock, Paper, Scissors fairly early on in their lives. For children, this simple game does not require a great deal of thought, as children tend to throw out whichever hand movement they feel like using at the moment. However, the game can be analyzed for optimal strategies. We […]

Game Theory in the stock market

Link:   Of all places, the workings of the stock market is the most intriguing demonstration of the game theory. Price movements defy technicals, numbers and data. Before the collapse of the Lehman brothers, the market stayed strong for so long despite conspicuous evidence of a looming crisis. Another classic example is the adoption […]

All-or-Nothing: Relationships and Game Theory

What does the word “marriage” mean to you? For myself and many others, marriage is seen as the ultimate form of a relationship characterized by love and intimacy. Similar to how a relationship transforms from casual acquaintance to spouse, so too has the definition of marriage. In the past, marriage was an institution to secure […]

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