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I Like Google Maps

Almost everyone who travels uses some sort of GPS application nowadays. The times where having a paper map or perhaps printed turn by turn instructions have been long gone. All one has to do is pull out their smartphone, launch one of many GPS apps available, and boom, you’re well on your way to your […]

Spread of information on social media In recent years, social media has developed to become a primary source of interaction between people. Information is quickly spread through social networks, yet this propagation is still not thoroughly understood. In the paper, “Information Contagion: An Empirical Study of the Spread of News on Digg and Twitter Social Networks,” researches analyze data from […]

Utilizing social media as a means of employment With the slow growth in jobs in the US following the recent recession, it can be hard to find a job. However, rather than attend networking events, social media users have found their online social networking events to be advantageous in connecting them with new employment. The article follows the story of Sree Sreenivasan, a […]

Facebook’s novel search method improvement A few years ago, Facebook made a novel experiment related to network. A new search tool, Graph Search was online. This enhanced version of search tool uses information gathered from friends, friends of friends to help users make better decision. This function emphasizes on the friends’ preferences on Facebook. Users can type a short […]

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