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Game Theory in Literature and Life

“The old view that ‘private greed and private rationality’ is compatible with collectively sub-optimal outcomes has again gained credence through developments in the mathematics and economics of Game Theory.” – S. Subramanian As the writer of the article noted, the most intriguing thing about social sciences and economics is that “heterodoxy can become orthodoxy, and orthodoxy […]

Hyenas Seek “Closure”

Link: When thinking about social networks, we usually think about Facebook, research paper collaboration, or some other form of connections between human social groups. However, humans are not the only beings dictated by social bonds or norms; animals, such as the hyena, are also dictated by these same rules. The Futurity article mentions that […]

Game Play in Sustainability   As can be seen in the article “Tragedy of the Commons”, interactions with others can result in game play that ultimately impacts the environment and society.  The article’s historic example of private families’ cows grazing on the Boston Commons highlights how people prefer to act in the quickest best interest of themselves first, […]

A Peek Into Facebook’s Newsfeed Algorithm

This year marks the 10 year anniversary for Facebook’s Newsfeed feature. With that, TechCrunch took it upon themselves to interview some of Facebook’s team members to help the online community better understand how Facebook decides what to show on a user’s newsfeed. While the algorithm considers over 100,000 variables to create a relevancy score, the […]

Perceived Friendships vs. Actual Friendships

This article talks about the discrepancy between perceived friendships and actual friendships. It talks about the commonly understood notion that most people would want their friendly feelings to be reciprocated. With the emergence of numerous social networking tools, it seems like the proportion of real friends and online friends is becoming skewed to the wrong […]

Largest Technology Merger in History Referred to as the “largest technology merger in history” by the Wall Street Journal, the $67 billion deal of Dell Inc. acquiring EMC Crop. finally came to its closing. The new company, called Dell Technologies, is based in Hopkinton, Mass. – the previous home base for EMC technology. Predicted to have annual revenue of […]

Should I get Norton?

On November 24, 2014, Sony pictures was hacked. The hacker group “Guardians of Peace” subsequently identified themselves as the perpetrators, leaking confidential data from Sony Pictures, including private employee emails, confidential company data, and the film ‘The Interview’ (among others). In light of such tragedies(Sony Pictures suffered an estimated $15million in losses), it is interesting […]

Increasing Connectivity of Networks for Assisted Living

The article from Financial Times is about Panasonic’s goal to pioneer a ‘smart city’ in Berlin, Germany. The company has been researching Japan’s ageing population and is now applying the knowledge to a new ‘smart city’. The city is estimated to be completed in the summer of 2018. Panasonic is planning to include a whole […]

Full Resolution Image Compression with Recurrent Neural Networks

A neural network is a computer system modeled on the human brain and nervous system. Artificial neural networks are inspired by biological neural networks and are used to estimate and approximate functions that can depend on a large number of inputs that are generally unknown. This article relates to this class because neural networks are like an […]

Silicon Valley Companies Realize the Value of Weak Ties

It is not surprising that more than 40% of jobs come from referrals. This hiring system creates a cycle of hiring people who have ties with those already hired. In fact, typical tech companies in a Silicon Valley consist of tight networks: mostly of a team of MIT and Stanford white male engineers. Hiring most […]

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