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Game Theory of Bowerbird Sabotage

War is hell, and it seems that humans are not the only species that engage in competition over resources at the expense of their enemies. Since at least the 5th century BC, military scholars have been theorizing, and more recently using mathematics as well as wisdom and intuition, in order to inform decisions such as […]

Mixed Strategy and Bluffing

Many people know bluffing to be a strategic move based on psychology. However, for those studying game theory, bluffing is pure mathematics. Bluffing is a strategical method of demonstrating one’s unpredictability. By increasing one’s unpredictability, one is able to manipulate or trick the opposition. However, this has to be done at strategically advantageous times, following […]

Triadic Closure in Human Robot Interaction Making robots well suited to social settings is challenging, as human interactions are often complex both in their content and in the number of channels used to communicate, intentionally or not. Research has shown that identifying and replicating non-verbal cues is key to better human-robot interaction (HRI). Unlike human-robot dyadic interactions, interactions featuring one robot […]

Strong and Weak Ties Lead to Job Offers

Article link: Facebook is our number one form of communication nowadays.  Looking to meet up with an old college friend?  Use Facebook.  Trying to get up to date with news articles?  Use Facebook.  Laura Gee’s article measures tie strength via Facebook.  Between two people, it looks at tags, posts, shares, and mutual friends.  If […]

SF Embarcadero Freeway   The now defunct San Francisco Embarcadero Freeway has a history that relates to many concepts discussed in class. In the 1950s, the state of California proposed the idea of building highways into cities to raise gas tax revenue. The rest of the United States followed the trend and started building these […]

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