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Graph Theory in Brain Studies

The brain is for sure the most complicated organ on the human bodies, and thus it has long been the focus of multiple medical researches. Have you ever wondered where in your brain you exist, or if your awareness is produced by series of changes or a tiny change in a specific part of your […]

A Reconsideration of Urban Traffic Congestion

I am sure that all of us have once been stuck in traffic, complaining about too many cars or not enough roads. I remember most recently when I was on a bus from Port Authority trying to catch my flight at JFK, the traffic jam was so bad that I almost missed my flight. In […]

Hasbro’s Risk and Strategy Analysis Hasbro’s game of Risk is a strategy game in which two to six players fend and expand their territories in the ultimate war for world domination. Troops are strategically placed in a territory in which a player is expected to play passively or aggressively — defend or attack. This is closely related to Nash […]

On Norwegian Fish Auctions

When fishermen in Norway wish to sell their catch, they must do so through auctions organised by sales organisations. One of these auctions is the Norwegian Fishermen’s Sales Organisation for Pelagic Fish, a sealed bid auction in which the seller must accept the highest bid. Another is the so-called Triple auction which specialises in demersal […]

iPhone 7: Will it Sell without a Headphone Jack?

On September 7, 2016, Apple unveiled their new iPhone 7. It is IP67 (waterproof), and it has a faster processor, better battery life, a better camera, and a better screen then the last generation. The one thing it may not have improved on was the headphone jack: it does not have one. Apple decided to […]

Application of the Prisoner’s Dilemma in OPEC Oil Production

Oil prices have been falling due to over-production of oil by countries in OPEC and other oil-producing countries such as Russia. Since the price of oil collapsed in 2014, there have been around 6 OPEC meetings in an effort to stabilize the oil market. Russia and OPEC have also recently engaged in talks to freeze […]

Google Deep Dream and the Strong Triadic Closure Property

  Google’s Deep Dream is a software that uses neural networks to alter the appearance of an image. The original picture, after being “deep dreamed”, becomes a psychedelic and fantastical rendition bearing only some resemblances to the original. The YouTube video, see sources below, shows examples of the software’s visual output, but I would highly […]

There Will Be Blood: Persistent Competition Among Oil Producers

Earlier this week at the G20 summit in Hangzhou, China, one major topic of discussion was the collapse of oil prices that has occurred over the past 1-2 years. Going into the summit, Russia and Saudi Arabia, the world’s two largest producers of crude oil, had expressed interest in making an agreement to freeze or […]

Unexcepted Strength of Weak Ties in Career Hunting

Source:   This article talked about a research done by Professor Mark Granovetter in 1973 and its application to nowadays real life. When we learnt about ties and connections of people in the graph theory, what we first pay attention to was the impact of strong ties. However, Everett Harper enlightened me by talking about […]

Quantum physics and game theory

When the average person thinks of quantum physics, they might think of strange cats, strange last names, or maybe nothing at all. On the other hand, game theory might bring about things like decision making and problem solving to mind. Overall, these two concepts aren’t often thought to be related – most people never even think of […]

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