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Graphs of Human Disease and Disease Genes This paper demonstrates and analyzes the relationship between human diseases and the genes that control those diseases. The authors created network graphs based on correlations between diseases/disorders, and the gene mutations that are known to be tied to them. The creation of such a figure provides a “genome-wide roadmap” that can be used in […]

Triadic Closure In Preschools

In 2010, researchers at Arizona State University and the Oregon Research Institute studied the basic principles behind the formations of social relationships between preschoolers. They chose preschoolers because children in this age group (3-5 years old) are beginning to interact with each other and form relationships. More importantly, the preschool classroom setting offers them the opportunity to choose […]

Friends of Friends: The Gateway to More Friends

From: There are many ways one can increase one’s likelihood of gaining friends. In this article on the Financial Review, Shana Lebowitz provides a list of 17 psychological reasons that will help make people like you immediately. Some methods of gaining friends and building one’s social network are a bit more intuitive than others. […]

Tapping into Research and Education Networks

Link:   Research and Education Networks, or RENs, are a network specifically aimed at connecting scholars to their peers working on similar studies. In effect, these networks are an internet for learning. They allow researchers to share their discoveries, encouraging other students to learn about and expand on their work. Universities suffer when using generic […]

Game Theory in the Oil Market

Many people are concerned about recent talks between Russia and OPEC over Labor Day weekend on shaping the oil market together with the goal of raising prices. However, these kinds of talks are not a new occurrence and the previous talks have not resulted in increased oil prices. In fact, the opposite has occurred: a […]

Social Networks Key to Crickets’ Success

Link: Who knew that graphical social networks could predict crickets’ livelihood? David Fisher, a researcher at the University of Exeter, found that quantitative modeling of crickets’ living habits using social graphs, could accurately predict a cricket’s chance of passing on its genes to future generations. He did this by tracking field crickets with 130 video cameras, 24 hours […]

Game theory in the Super Bowl Looking through articles about game theory and its uses, I came across this article about game theory in american football. Football, unlike baseball, does not have a  huge amount of quantitative data available that is easy to analyse, thus game theory articles are rare. However, this article concerns one of the most famous super […]

On Depression and Sparsely connected friendship networks

Link to article: The pervasiveness of depression amongst teenagers in recent years has incited widespread concern. The study conducted by Bearman and Moody revolves around several variables that could have induced depression, most notably, the strength of friendships within a network. Here are some quotes from the study that were of interest to me: […]

Game Theory and Fox’s Corporate Culture

The article linked below details how the prisoner’s dilemma plays out in the case of Gretchen Carlson vs. Roger Ailes. Gretchen Carlson, a former Fox News anchor, filed a lawsuit against Roger Ailes, the illustrious chairman of the major news network earlier this year, citing sexual harassment violations. The evidence Carlson brought up against Ailes was […]

The busiest airline route is between Seoul and a city you probably never knew before:

  Being an avid airline junkie I have always bean fascinated by airline networks and how they change and adapt over time. Since someone last semester covered on the basic structure of a singular airline network I will try not to belabor the point and instead focus on how different airline’s route networks interact over […]

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