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The Network Theory Behind the Two Party System

This article is mainly about how the 2016 election is reducing public support for the two party system, as demonstrated by a recent poll that stated that voters would support a referendum that allows anyone to participate in election primaries.  This directly doesn’t have any relation to network theory, however it does explain why only […]

Real-Life Lessons in Using Google AdWords

Google AdWords is a pay-per-click advertisement system which allows advertisers to put out ads that will have a higher probability of reaching their target audience. The advertisers pay a fee according to how many clicks their ad link receives. While this helps to streamline the advertising process, (in contrast to television, radio, or newspaper advertising) […]

One Man’s Plastic is Another Man’s Treasure: The Parody of Value in AuctionsI

The Bank of England recently started printing new untearable polymer plastic 5 pound notes (because there’s nothing worse than tearing your bills in your rush to pay the barista for your morning coffee), as part of its recent initiative to replace traditional paper notes. The frenzy surrounding the new currency has led to strange valuations […]

Sniper no sniping, Sniper no sniping.

One of the things we learned about in this class is the different types of auctions. For the most part, the average person today does not usually purchase goods via auctions (other than in specific cases like livestock or art). However, most people have used the bidding website, eBay, to purchase goods at some point […]

Game Theory and Baseball Relief Pitchers Baseball is a sport where teams are relying on statistical analysis more and more in order to try and get an advantage over the opponent. The sport itself is a series of game theory games where the pitcher uses a mix of strategies in order to try and get the batter out.  Managers do not […]

Google’s SEO V.S Baidu’s SEO

Source: Baidu is the largest searching engine in mainland China since Google is force out of competition several years ago. Because of the big difference in dynamics of the consumer market.Because of this, there’s clearly a difference in search engine “personality,” summed up neatly here:Baidu asks: “What can I help you to do?” whereas Google asks: “What can I do […]

Using PageRank to Prevent Extinction

In the expansive network that is the Internet, there are websites that are more important than others. In order to determine this level of importance, Google uses the PageRank algorithm, which increases the importance of sites that are linked to other important sites. By doing this, Google determines which sites it should display in response […]

Deep Learning Networks

The article linked below highlights deep learning, a type of machine learning that may be applied to several different types of domains within the networks space. Deep learning networks have already engaged concrete results across spaces such as cybersecurity, gaming, search engine optimization, and emotion identification, and they continue to hold the potential to become […]

Dominant Strategy in eBay Second Price Auction The article suggests ways to win an auction through eBay with strategies such as proxy bidding and bid sniping. Proxy bidding refers to the automatic incremental system that eBay utilizes. The system bids on your behalf up to the highest amount that you are willing to pay for an item. Take for instance the […]

Cascade: More people to join could be wrong

Human are social animals, so our action is generally being influenced by others, in particular when we are in the situation where surround a lot of people.  Therefore, we might have tendency to follow the crow in daily basis. From one particular example that I learned from chapter 16 from the book, comparing two restaurants […]

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