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The Network Behind Amazon Recommendations

It’s no secret to anybody that the websites we use every day have tons of data about us. We explicitly provide sites with all kinds of data about our lives when we fill out Facebook or LinkdIn profiles, and we implicitly provide them with data about what we like or dislike when we watch something […]

Finding a Safe Haven

Sources: Ever since the start of the Arab Spring, major political unrest has caused thousands of families to be displaced and split apart. While some families have connections to start life anew in a new country or location, most people don’t have such resources and are left at the mercy of international politics and […]

Healthcare Fraud in the U.S. – A Growing Epidemic

According to Forbes Magazine, total health care spending in the United States increased to $3.8 trillion in 2014. The Economist states that $415 billion is attributed to Medicaid services and $600 billion resulted from Medicare programs. A large portion of that financial dent is due to healthcare fraud, a crime that is becoming increasingly prevalent. […]

Keeping Up with a Growing Network

Much of the focus on growing networks is on the booming social media industry. However, that is not the only network that shows enormous increase in growth. The global air traffic network is also growing increasingly fast, and this article discusses how it may even be too fast for the US. According to the article, […]

Evaluating Communication in the Medical Field

Picture this: Your leg has been aching for a couple days, showing no signs of improvement, so you decide to visit your general practitioner.  He does a thorough examination but is unable to determine the root of the problem so he sends you to a specialist.  The specialist takes a look and then orders a […]

Facebook Records One Billion Users in a Single Day

By Jean-Luc LeClair   Social media has certainly become an integral part of human connection over the past decade. From the fall of MySpace to the advent of Facebook, we form and reinforce social ties while increasing the spread of information through the use of social websites. Social media outlets have recently been the largest […]

Networks and Military Intelligence

Given the mass hiatus Internet users are making to use Facebook, young or old alike, it makes sense for companies to take advantage of the plethora of views these social networks bring in. However, recently, intelligence obtained through the massive networks of people that have formed on these social networks have proved to be useful […]

Triadic Closure is Not for Just Human Social Networks

When we think of the social network, we automatically think of our social networks, that is, people’s social networks. We think of how our social networks grow, as we become connected deeper and wider to the world around us. Soon enough, we realize we are somehow connected to almost everyone in this world in some direct […]

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