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Trends and Individual Boredom

Society is always presented with a variety of options to choose from and more often than not the majority tend to choose the same thing at a given time and place. The choices can range anything from music genres to television shows. This recurring shift in preferences over a period of time is known as […]

Hawaii’s Leprosy Colony

Leprosy, or Hansen’s disease, is a contagious disease that affects the skin and peripheral nerves.  From 1866 to 1969, Hawaii housed over 8000 leprosy patients on a remote peninsula called Kalaupapa.  During this time period, patients were arrested and taken away from the rest of the world to be shipped there in exile, isolated from […]

The Game of Marriage

In class, we have talked about game theory, a study of how people make decisions in certain situations with varying strategies. We can look at game theory and how it “is designed to address situations in which the outcome of a person’s decision depends not just on how they choose among several options, but also […]

FAMA helps companies perform background checks

The article I chose showcases a new program called FAMA. FAMA stands for FAMA is a new company that searches through social media content for things that might make employers hesitate to hire a potential employee. The program looks for “social media red flags” which would include things such as “drug use, sexual content, bigotry […]

Sports Marketing Agents in the Social Media Era

The article I chose explores how social media has altered the field of sports marketing and specifically how sports marketing agents have had to adjust to the changing environment. As social media avenues, including Twitter and Facebook, continue to expand, the old-school method of reaching potential merchandise clients has become less incentivized. The changing scenery […]

Minerva Schools at KGI

The Minerva Schools at KGI intends to build a “perfect university”; however, they plan to do it with their own blueprint. Minerva has no athletic teams, fitness centers, nor introductory classes. The founders of Minerva view these things as a misallocation of its students’ financial resources. Instead, Minerva aims to equip its students with the ability to […]

The Spread of Diseases Across Networks

When students and faculty walk into Olin, Mann, or any of the other libraries around campus they are welcomed by the rustle of textbook pages, the faint typing on computers, and in early September by a chorus of coughs and sneezes. Each fall Cornell is repopulated with thousands of students who in addition to their abundance […]

Facebook Videos Going Viral

Many companies/brands used to go to YouTube as a way of advertisement in hopes for what they are selling to go viral. However, with the rise of video on Facebook, this hasn’t necessarily been the case as of late. Instead, companies have been uploading their videos on Facebook in hopes for their video to become […]


Arguably the most important thing on peoples mind’s is love and sex. Whether it is people wanting sex due to a lack of it or just someone seeking a life long partner, romance is one of humanity’s biggest preoccupations. People regularly complain about how they do not understand how love or the opposite gender works. […]

Mixed Nash Equilibrium as applied to Match Racing in Sailing

On a fundamental level, match racing, more than any other genre of sailing, is based on the idea of anticipating your opponent. Match racing involves only two boats that race solely each other; This causes the tactics involved to be much different than in a “fleet race,” where each individual boat has many other opponents […]

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