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Android Stagefright Exploit leaves 80% of Android Devices Vulnerable to Remote Code Execution

Android’s infamous Stagefright exploit has had proof-of-concept exploit code released to the public – meaning that 80% of Android devices are now vulnerable to malicious code execution by remote hackers.  While the exploit doesn’t work on Android devices running KitKat or newer, the majority of devices are still running Android 4.4 or older.  Stagefright (a […]

Game Theory in a Hot Dog Stand Duopoly This is an interesting article about the applications of game theory in terms of business competition, specifically in regards to restaurant location. The author gives an example of two competing hot dog stands along a busy street. If there is only one hot dog stand, the business owner can place it wherever he wants […]

Donald Trump’s High Ratings and the Strength of Weak Ties

Many have been astounded by Donald Trump’s performance in the polls for the US presidential election. A recent CNN poll reports his current approval rating with the GOP stands at 32%, far surpassing any of the other candidates. There seemed to be a disconnect between Trump’s resounding popularity with his misogynistic comments and offensive stabs at […]

Phoenix Interstate 10 Shootings

Since August 29th, there has been 11 shootings that have taken place on a stretch of Interstate 10 in Arizona. From the police reports, it appears that the victims were chosen randomly. At first, it was reported that these incidents were due to one individual and now recent reports seem to indicate otherwise. Frank Milstead, […]

What is the value of friends

The question of “who are my real friends” or “how many best friends can I have” has burdened both society and myself. Yes, there are individual personality constraints that need to be considered, for example someone that is inherently more introverted will most likely not enjoy having an extremely broad network of friends. On the […]

Networks for Resilience

Scientists are finding models of resilience in networks in nature. When we look at a leaf or a dragonfly’s wings, we find that there is a complex network of nested loops. It has been found that nested loop structures are resistant to damage and are able to deal with fluctuations in fluid flow. These networks […]

Connecting cars for a smarter driving experience

We have all heard someone say that that in the future, our cars will drive themselves. What are the pro’s of self-driving cars? They don’t get tired or distracted at the wheel, and it really seems like it will be a reality with Google’s self-driving car project and BMW’s self-driving car on the German autobahn. […]

The 2016 Political Race and Social Media

As the 2016 political race continues, candidates are looking at as many ways to reach  voters as possible – including social media. According to Pew Research, up to 16% of voters follow politics using social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.), up from 10% in 2010. From Hillary Clinton’s Facebook posts reaching out to voters to […]

National Geographic and Fox Partnership

A $725mil deal between National Geographic and Fox, giving Fox 73% ownership of the newly formed National Geographic Partners was recently announced.  The nonprofit National Geographic Society is funded largely by private donations, and will now also be backed by the empire of Rupert Murdoch, an outspoken skeptic of climate change.  Immediately, eyebrows were raised about how this […]

Game Theory in Video Game AI (and its Limitations)

Anyone who has spent as much time playing video games as I have knows that the behavior of game controlled opponents (also called AIs, CPUs, NPCs, bots, etc.) can make or break a game’s single player experience. We want to be challenged by the computer, but we want to win. We expect computer controlled opponents […]

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