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Brain Networks for Alzheimer Diagnosis*~hmac=3f260bfaa60b2a3aa8d9722ed2fe24d55a96e2edfb9819fb4314a4d72fd0e854 I spent this past summer writing code for a professor’s brain visualization research project. The project initiated when a neurologist at the professor’s institution needed a visualization tool that he could use to distinguish a healthy brain from a brain of a patient with Alzheimer’s disease. He aims to identify certain “biomarkers” unique to brains afflicted by Alzheimer’s in […]

Win Your Fanasty Football League with Game Theory

This article talks about a tech startup whose only function is to help you win your fantasy football season. Using game theory, the startup, DraftSmarts, has effectively created an algorithm that, most of the time, successfully drafts a team that is rated an A- by Yahoo sports and is usually favored to win its respective […]

An Analysis of Delta Route Maps

(Click image to enlarge) This is an example of a transportation network, in which nodes are cities in the United States, and the edges represent Delta Airlines routes. Although the graph of the Delta Airlines routes seems “connected,” it is not because not all cities in the United States have airports. There are some prominent […]

An Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend (U.S. and Soviet Relations in WW2)

There goes a saying, “An enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Before World War 2, many never would have imagined that the United States and the Soviet Union would fom an alliance. The Cold War between the two great nations was in progress and the two had radially different beliefs. In addition, the Soviet […]

Why Google + never exploded   Social media in the current age is dominated by three major players: Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Google attempted to insert itself into this market through Google +, but their efforts have not had the impact on social networks they wanted. Google + was marketed as a brilliant conduit which could be used to […]

Game Theory in Nature

Game theory is not limited to humans; in fact, it can be used to explain the behavior of many animals with great accuracy. Something that is surprising is the fact that even though our reasoning skills are extremely developed, we are not always the best players in some games; that is, we don’t get too […]

Structure of Dark Nets

One usually thinks of the Internet and especially online social networks like Facebook as networks that connect people to people. A different, less known part of the Internet, commonly called the Dark Net, is where users can operate in complete anonymity. It has a tainted reputation as being an underground marketplace forum for people to […]

Game Theory in Reality Competition Shows

Game theory involves situations where people make decisions based on other peoples’ decisions to optimize the outcomes. Literal “games” occur in a popular form of television media; reality competition shows. Each player participates with a certain strategy. Some competitors focus on winning smaller challenges to maintain an advantage in the game. Others focus on building alliances. Others […]

How can we use the mechanics of influence to drive behavior for public good?

When one thinks about social influence, he or she often imagines well-known people, such as celebrities, politicians, and athletes. While it is absolutely correct that they have major impact on various parts of the world, our everyday lives are usually affected by people who we know well and are close to us, such as family, […]

Analyze different methods to make a line with game theory

The article was about two Danish researchers who used game theory to analyze different methods to wait in line. They assumed a situation where a number of people are waiting for their services and that everyone in line has two goals: they want to be served as early as possible and they want to spend the least amount […]

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