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The Ingenuity of Express Lanes

Being a San Francisco Bay Area native, I have witnessed the horrific automobile traffic problems in California for almost two decades. Especially during morning and afternoon rush hour commutes, cars heading towards the Silicon Valley, San Francisco, and Oakland are sometimes on a standstill for over two hours. From a network perspective, Bay Area traffic […]

Pascal’s Wager and Game Theory

Despite its academic origins, game theory can be seen all throughout the world. It’s in love, war, employment, and nearly every aspect of our lives. It shouldn’t come as a surprise then that religion – even as one of the most nonsecular subjects – too can be viewed within the scope of game theory. Pascal’s […]

To Switch or not to Switch? A Dilemma in Workplace when Game Theory is Applied

What kind of scenario would you come up with when someone says “Game Theory”? The most common examples would be the classic “Prisoner’s dilemma”, or events with great impact like choosing political allies. However, the concept and application of Game Theory is  more common in our lives than we have realized. Its appearance exists in […]

Network Traffic and the launch of T3

As a means of facilitating in newsroom reports, Total Traffic & Weather Network discusses their innovative new interface for newsrooms, which essentially allowing for more efficient traffic reports. The new system and social network connectivity (live tweets), allows the viewer with a list of options to plan out the best way to get to their […]

Kanye West: The Game Theory Master

In 2009, Kanye West, a popular celebrity and music icon took to the stage of the MTV Video Music Awards to interrupt Taylor Swift’s reception of “Best Female Video” award. He grabbed the microphone from Swift and proclaimed the true winner of the award to be Beyoncé, and not Swift. This flagrant insult took social […]

Auctions– Efficient Tools for Selling your (Luxury) Home

Once considered the dumping grounds of depreciated luxury homes, auction houses have become quick, efficient house-selling machines. The sale of homes worth over a million dollars has increased 8% since last year, while sales in homes in the $250,000-$500,000 range have seen a 17.4% increase. Auction houses aid these sales and get the most value […]


The 1994 Guiness Book of World Records has a strange entry: Most succinct word. The title goes to “mamihlapinatapai”, a Yaghan word from the Tierra Del Fuego archipelego. A translator will be quick to tell you that this word is one of the most difficult to translate, but in English, its approximate meaning is “the […]

Honest and Dishonest Signaling in Animals: A Biological Game Theory

Game theory takes place at the most basic levels of animal communication, I realized as I was sitting in my Intro to Animal Behavior class. Animal communication involves a sender and a receiver. A sender communicates a signal to a receiver, and the receiver acts upon the signal. In some cases a signal may be […]

Building Stronger Mobile Networks

Current cell phone networks are poorly set up – it is very clear why if we look at the graph theory behind them.  Also using graph theory we can understand how to create a faster, more reliable network, as explained in the CNET article, Unbreakable: Mesh networks are in your smartphone’s future. Cell phone networks […]

Conceptualizing the GOP debate as a game We can conceptualize CNN’s recent GOP debate as a game with two players: first-place candidate Donald Trump as player A and second-place candidate Ben Carson as Player B. Mentioning other candidates is associated with various risks and rewards depending on the position of the player and the position of the candidate being mentioned. The […]

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