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Petri Nets

So far in this course, we’ve thought of networks mainly as connected collections of things of the same type: social networks of people connected by friendships, disease/contagion networks of people connected by physical contact, networks of intersections connected by roads, etc. Graph theory gave us a good way of thinking about these networks by providing […]

Analysis of transnational advocacy networks

The article mainly introduces the structure and formation of transnational advocacy networks, which are international-scale networks organized to promote “causes, principled ideas and norms”. Nowadays, these networks are especially important in debates over human rights, the environment, women, infant health and indigenous peoples. The large-scale transnational advocacy networks emerge from networks in smaller scale. Major […]

Using strong triadic closure to recognize social ties

Throughout its lifetime, the human brain has to store an enormous amount of information. Not only is storing a main activity of the brain, but the ability to recover a certain piece of information from that whole array of data is also a main concern. Thanks to brain plasticity, or the ability of the brain […]

Who Will Win The 2016 Presidential Race? Follow the Money.

On the evening of the second Republican Party Presidential primary debate, it is still not clear who will win the GOP nomination. With Hillary Clinton struggling to tame the controversy surrounding her email practices as Secretary of State, Bernie Sanders skyrocketing in early primary state polling, and Vice President Joe Biden contemplating a Presidential bid, the Democratic Party […]

Facebook’s Friends Recommendation

The Washington Post addresses a topic that many people have probably asked themselves. How does Facebook recommend you friends? Network science! In simple terms, a network is a graph composed of nodes and edges. In Facebook’s case, the nodes are people, and the edges relationships. Depending on the information that Facebook receives, it sends you recommendations […]

The Voters Dillemma

No matter what party people side with, whenever the presidential election is discussed, Donald Trump’s candidacy is a popular topic. Not only are people surprised that he is in the running for president, but that he has actually been so successful in running thus far. He is currently the highest polling Republican candidate in the running.  There […]

Sea Turtles are Eating our Plastic; Networks help tell us Where

I am a large follower of the iflscience Facebook page.  Recently, there has been a post about how “more than half of sea turtles have eaten plastic” which is based on the study cited below.  This is an extremely large number of sea turtles that are mistaking plastic for food.  While following-up on this article, […]

Broadband network aims to connect all of Kentucky

In Kentucky, their governor is attempting to construct a 3,000 mile fiber optic cables that will connect all of the hundreds of counties in the state. The state is known to have one of the slowest internet connections as a whole and the gov is aiming to fix that by 2018. It will be an […]

The Never Ending Dilemma in Athletics

Performance-enhancing drugs have always been and continue to be prevalent in professional sports, particularly in athletics and cycling. Irrespective of the new technologies and structures used such as the athlete biological passport that profiles each athlete based on the results of his/her doping test, athletes and organizers are still able to avoid getting caught. As […]

Dutch Auction in Denver: A Newsworthy Real Estate Technique

Recently, my family sold our home and moved. To sell our house, we used the standard technique of considering bids as they came in and negotiating. What made selling our house more difficult was the attraction of the house down the street, which was using an ascending (English) auction method with a starting point just […]

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