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Deal or No Deal?

Deal or No Deal is a game where a contestant faces off against the banker and it has to do a lot with decision making. The contestant wants to leave the game with the most amount of money whereas the banker wants the contestant to take as little as possible. The contestant is presented with 26 […]

Online Auction Fraud

Online auction has become pretty common with the widely spreading Internet. This article from CBC news reveals the occurrence of online auction fraud on eBay. It reports the research interest of Professor Sadaoui of Computer Science from University of Regina – she is developing “a software to detect fraudulent behavior”. The article focuses on the […]

Auction Houses and their viability in the long term

To be able to sell premium artwork for millions of dollars, auction houses are giving up most of their seller’s commission and even a large proportion of their buyer’s commission. They are basically not making enough money to be sustainable in the long run. Why are they doing so? What game are they playing? They […]

Analysis: “Is game theory the key to success in the Republican presidential debate? “

Game theory aims to respond to scenarios where one person’s choice is not just dependent on how they arrived at that specific decision. It also takes into account what kind of choices others around them are making. An example of game theory in regards to politics is deciding whether to take a very direct or […]

Game Theory: Sherlock Holmes & Moriarty “The Final Problem”

This paper, written by Professor David K. Levine when he was a faculty at University of California Los Angeles, briefly explained a few basic concepts in the Game Theory. It described a few examples such as the well-known Prisoner’s dilemma to elaborate on the topic. However, what drew my attention in this paper is the […]

Game Theory, New Way of Getting Jobs

According to an article, “How games, social media are changing the way people get hired,” as companies find novel ways to recruit creative and intelligent employees,   firms such as Knack   has chosen to use online games as part of their interviews to test the applicants’ abilities.   The founder and CEO of Knack, Guy Halfteck […]

Playing Against Children

Often times people find small children hard to control. We ask them to do one thing and they  deliberately do the opposite, or no amount of coaxing seems to sway the minds once they have made a decision. Perhaps there could be a better strategy of interacting with children that helps people reach their goal. […]

Inefficient Markets and their Effect on California’s Drought

Driving through California, the effects of the drought can be seen around nearly every curve. Rivers, lakes, and reservoirs with water levels so low that the water line of previous years is shockingly clearly seen. Yet, at the same time, the majority of people in California don’t really think about the drought on a day-to-day […]

Market Exploitation of Human Networking

As Internet popularity grows more and more, users tend to flock to sites that other people are using due to the fact that all of their real life connections are using the same sites. As a result, the companies owning these sites have monopolies over the markets they preside on. For example, Google has a […]

Lyft and Didi aim for highest payoff

This past Wednesday, San Francisco’s Lyft and China’s Didi joined forces, allowing users to access drivers from both countries via their respective apps. This move comes in direct action against major player Uber, who controls a large section of the mobile app transportation market across the United States. With this move, both Lyft and Didi aim to cut into Uber’s […]

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