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Impact of online reviews

As the internet continues to grow larger, it has become a viable source of information for consumers before using products or services. Because of the strong impact of online reviews, business have become heavily affected. For example, for a business, a multitude of good recommendations by consumers can raise profits to unbelievable heights while multiple negative […]

How Well Does Facebook “Know” Us?

With Facebook so casually engrained in our lives, it’s easy to overlook the sophisticated structure that silently makes millions of calculations to create the user experience we come to love. In particular, the algorithm behind Facebook’s friendship recommendation is a topic that relates heavily to Networks. The reality is, Facebook’s algorithm isn’t actually all that […]

Coaching Networks in College Football

Sometimes the most innovative ideas come from the most novel of places, and this is often true in college football. Teams in the highest divisions (think University of Alabama, Ohio State, or Florida State, to name a few) usually have superior talent on their teams than the teams they play. Thus, they are able to […]

Pump and Dump Networks

“Pump and dump” stock market scams have gained notoriety over the past 30 years or so: an individual or an organized group claims to have insider knowledge of a microcap stock (also known as penny stocks) and spreads falsified and baseless information concerning the stock’s imminent rapid growth. This increases the stock price dramatically within […]

The Evolution And Revolution Of Business Networks

As technology continues to progress and become more advanced, it is no coincidence that business networks grow accordingly. This article talks a little bit of the history of business, such as how “leaders realized that a single chain – like a line of thread – can be easily broken, and a framework of many chains […]

How to Find Women on Ashley Madison

August 18, 2015 was a terrible day for mankind, and when I say mankind, I do mean men specifically. On this day, the group of hackers known as The Impact Team dumped stolen user data from Ashley Madison, a website specifically for people looking to have an extramarital affair, onto the Web.  Suddenly, the millions […]

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