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Neural Networks and Machine Learning

In pursuit of building an intelligent systems, Computer scientists have tried to model the neural network and architecture of the human brain for decades. The human brain has billions of neurons inter-connected forming this giant network that gives rise to the general/adaptable intelligence, consciousness and many more attributes human beings posses. Neurons ,which are the basic component of […]

How Millenials Get News

The information we receive and the ways in which we keep ourselves informed are very important. Whether one is dealing with big decisions, like whether or not to buy a firm, or smaller issues like finding a job, the information that is available to him or her can make all the difference. You wouldn’t want […]

Matchmaking in Halo 2

It seems that every major video game created these days features a multiplayer mode. Rarely do these games feature a local, split-screen multiplayer mode; there is often only an online multiplayer. Players across the world area connect to a single game to play together. But how are these players connected? In early online games such […]

Is Love Alive? Is Love a Lie?

A faithful relationship should be deeply rooted in mutual affection, loyalty, and compatibility. The goal of love is to live like a movie – two people meet, find they love each other, and live happily ever after. Our conceptualization of long-lasting relationships is that they are built on pure love. Is it the love of […]

Game Theory and the Power of Prediction

Game theory is a powerful tool that can be used to predict the actions of “players” with a given set of options available to them. The applications of game theory are broad; people such as Bruce Bueno de Mesquita, have taken game theory to the world scale, and have used it to predict new heads of […]

Ancient Viruses

As climate change continues to bring up the global temperature, more consequences begin to surface. At the Arctic and the sub-Arctic regions, the ice is melting at a rate twice as fast as in other regions. Permafrost is not permanent anymore. Besides the obvious destruction of natural habitats, one other issue becomes apparent: the reawakening […]

Blog Post #1- Networks and Marketing

Source: TechCO   This is a different approach to how we have been analyzing networks in class and changing it to how we could be using networks to create profit. Due to the mass incline of social media sites today most people know what a social network is in terms of their network being […]

A Game Theoretic Approach to Oil Markets

Overview The following provides a game theoretic framework to rationalize the recent oversupply in the oil markets and the so called “prisoner’s dilemma” that marginal oil producers face. Highly simplified, my analysis focuses on U.S. shale producers and their decision to produce or not produce as global crude oil prices remain at historically depressed levels. […]

Sentiment tree This sentiment tree program was introduced to me in my cognitive science as a relatively novel way that machines can “understand” language. It is able to predict the sentiment of a given sentence, as either very negative, negative, neutral, positive or very positive. Previous sentiment prediction systems usually worked by finding the sentiment of […]

Japan’s New Social Network

Earlier this year, a new Japanese social network platform called Lemon was launched, exclusively targeting students attending universities all over Japan and accepting only the top one-percent of applicants. The founder of Lemon, Yusuke Matsumura, who earned a PhD in Artificial Intelligence in just a year and a half, designed an artificial intelligence program to sift out […]

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