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Monkey Brains It is universally regarded that the brain operates via the same principles that networks operate. Neurons are analogous to nodes, synapses analogous to ties. And just as in non-brain networks, ties connecting nodes can become stronger or weaker over time, neuron connection strength is not static. Up until recently, the idea of the brain […]

Neo4j GraphGists: a smart way to share graphs

One of the main graphical and logical ways to represent a network is a graph – a combination of nodes and edges (each usually containing labels) where each node represents an entity, such as a person, government or institution, and edges are the links between them. In this sense, convenient tools for graph implementation and […]

PageRank: The Web as a Graph

Without even thinking about how it works, you constantly Google things and trust that it will give you links to relevant websites. But how does it work? You might be tempted to think that Google keeps track of all the web pages and when you type something into the search box, it returns an index to the […]

Algorithms, Networks, and Discrimination

Without a doubt, there are an ever increasing number of services and companies who are using data and analytics to target individuals. This article from The Atlantic titled “What happens when biases are inadvertently built into algorithms” sheds light on how software and data analysis may inadvertently create bias and racial discrimination. In the article, […]

Immortality through a Bot

On Facebook, there is an option to either memorialize your account or delete it when you die. But on Eter9, the account lives on, posting on the cyberspace long after you are no longer alive. That’s the idea, anyway. When you sign up for Eter9, your ‘Counterpart’ (a bot) is created and learns from every […]

Video Games and Social Networks

Video games have become a huge part of modern culture. Anyone can play video games: male or female, young or old. It has become a method that allows friends to strengthen their relationships. Not only does it give people something to bond over while actually hanging out, but also, the advent of online gaming has […]

Social Structure of Hyenas

The rise in variations of social media lately has diversified how human beings interact with each other. Although the communication methods and network shapes take on various forms, the triadic closure principle always seems to hold. People are more likely to form bonds with friends of friends. Recent studies show that human beings are not […]

Social Media Networks in the 2016 Presidential Election Race

What role will social media play in this upcoming 2016 Presidential Race? With society using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat more than ever, presidential candidates will be able to reach out to potential voters in an easy and accessible way. Personally, Facebook has provided me with many updates about the […]

Netflix Recommendations

In the world of Netflix, roughly 75 percent of what people are watching is influenced by its recommendations.The algorithm for generating these recommendations incorporates even the most obscure factors such as the type of device used for viewing, and even the time of the day. The structure of how movies and TV shows are recommended can […]

Allies and Enemies

Recently in class, in discussing balanced graphs, one of the examples that we chose was about allies and enemies in the world. Enemies would be represented through (-) labels on the edge while allies would be represented with (+) on the edges. This reminded me of the quote “We have no lasting friends, no lasting […]

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