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Game Theory in the field of Computer Science

Learning about game theory in class made me very curious about the way that it can be applied in real world situations. Although we went over very basic examples such as the prisoner’s dilemma, I wondered if game theory could be used in more commonplace situations. I have always associated game theory with economics and […]

English Auctions in the English Premier League

Football (or soccer as they call it here) is obviously one of the biggest attractions in Europe, specifically England. The English Premier League is one of the richest sports leagues present in the world, and has some of the most famous clubs (such as Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, etc.). Because of all the potential for […]

Snapchat, Facebook and Game Theory

The value of an object or physical product is fairly constant, or if it changes it is due to the market surrounding it rather than the object itself changing. This is not true in the case of apps and websites, as their popularity and demographic of users is constantly changing. These circumstances make it significantly […]

Mario Kart and Trump

One might imagine there are few similarities between a video game and Donald Trump’s unexpected success in politics, but as it turns out, there’s one similarity that can’t be ignored. Surprisingly enough, as of September 16th, Donald Trump was a shocking 21 points ahead in New Hampshire and 17 points in South Carolina. Forgetting the […]

Brand Ambassadors and Social Networks; the Future of Marketing

This article originally written for small business owners discusses new way to market and “brand” their businesses. It explains that with the boom of social media, over 70% of consumers trust reviews over sales spiels and formal articles. The return on investment for social media and online campaigns  is unheard of when compared to other […]

A Map for Tracking Cancer

Treatment for breast cancer takes detrimental tolls on the body, but with the technique of sentinel-node mapping, it can be detected whether an extensive cancerous network exists throughout the body. The underarm lymph nodes are commonly the next location to become infected, and if the first node that would be infected can be detected and […]

Game Theory in the Greek Debt Negotiations

Interactions between different bodies often times model behavior akin to game theory, whether those bodies be as small as rodents competing for food, to countries competing for economic advantages. One current example of how international relations can be explained through game theory is the Greek Debt negotiations. As two entities with different priorities, neither Greece […]

Game Theory and the Republicans.

According to current media, the event that is commanding a lot of public eye today is the 2016 presidential election . The most entertaining part of this event is the Republican party who currently has 15 different candidates running  for the party nod. As celebrity personality Bill Maher stated on multiple occasions “the clown car […]

Game Theory in NBA finals

The NBA finals between the Phoenix Suns and the Boston Celtics in 1976 is one of the greatest and exciting basketball game in history. It was double overtime in the finals with Phoenix Suns down by 1  with the possession with no time-outs. A player in the Phoenix Suns came up with the smartest decision and a […]

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