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US-based firm utilizes game theory in risk profiling

The application of game theory to financial services isn’t a novel idea, but the man behind US-based firm Capital Preferences believes he knows a way to make game theory a much more useful and economically rewarding concept for his clients.  The big breakthrough for the risk profiling and suitability tool, developed by UC Berkeley economics […]

New Creative Approach to Social Consulting may be the Missing Link

Countless man-hours and resources have been directed towards combating the ever-relevant issue of sexual violence across college campuses, nationwide. This year, the Skorton Center for Health Initiatives and Office of the Dean of students are hoping that a new strategy will make a difference. Most students have been exposed to the consent education and alcohol safety programs, […]

Cities see connections as the way to leverage prosperity

This article from Savannah Now speaks to the topic of economic growth in the state of Georgia. As the state is currently connected, via public transportation, roads and highways, Atlanta, Georgia, the largest of the four main cities within the state, has experienced the largest amount of economic growth in recent years. This state capital, and […]

Game Theory on Golden Balls

The show Golden Balls shows a classic example of game theory. The contestants go through a series of tasks and challenges in pairs very similar to certain challenges in the Price is Right, and through these challenges accumulate large sums of British pounds. At the end of their money collections, these two individuals are presented […]

Blog 1, Networks 2040

Using Prisoner’s Dilemma in a College Course              I recently read an article by Professor Selterman from the University of Maryland that implemented a prisoner’s dilemma exercise on his class. He asked his students to select whether they wanted either 2 or 6 points added to their final term paper […]

What effects does our social network have on our health?

The article gives an overview of recent research that looks at the role of an individual’s social network (through the size and overall quality of their social interactions) on their physical health. They looked at the onset and management of hypertension and diabetes, as well as pulmonary function, lifestyle behaviors and physical health conditions and […]

Network Traffic in Log Angeles

According to this article about Los Angeles traffic of cars, bus, bikes, and pedestrians, car lanes are being removed for buses and bikes. The intention seems to be to reduce car speed and therefore increase safety as well as reduce the number of people driving. In networks terms, this policy is decreasing the capacity of the […]

Making and Keeping Friends Online This article is discussing the phenomena of teenagers making and keeping friends on the internet.  It is fairly well known that many teenagers are active users of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, most of the well known social networking sites out there.  It makes sense that teenagers would be “friending” their friends that they see every […]

Degrees of Separation in the Modern Age

Many have heard of six degrees of separation, the idea that we are six “hops” or less from almost everyone in the world. We learned in class that in Milgram’s small world experiment, most letters found their target destination within six degrees of separation. But is that still relevant in the modern world, in which […]

Seven stages of action in action

Norman’s seven stages of action are meant to illustrate the mindset of individuals while in the process of performing a task. The stages themselves are: Deciding the goal Intention to act Sequence of actions Execution of the actions Perceiving the state of the world Interpreting the perception Evaluating the outcome I can show process in […]

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