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Image Recognition and Artificial Intelligence

Advances in artificial intelligence has helped engineers build software that can recognize and describe content in photos. There are artificial intelligent programs in new cars that can recognize pedestrians and stop the car to avoid collisions. As you can imagine there is a multitude of beneficial applications that can be achieved through artificially intelligent programs. […]

The Hidden Influence of Social Networks – Nicholas Christakis

Nicholas Christakis’s TED video “The Hidden Influence of Social Networks” explains how these networks affect people’s life temperaments, choices and experiences. Human social networks tend to form clusters as opposed to a homogeneous lattice. Christakis introduces three possible theories as to why social networks cluster: induction, which is similar to contagiousness, spreading influence; homophily, where […]

Neural Networks and Trading

There are of course many kinds of networks that exist in our world, but one particular system is proving to be revolutionary in that it will continue to change engineering and business forever. The concept of neural networks is such that there is a set of algorithms that are “trainable”. These self-serving algorithms are able […]

Game Theory and Republicans

In light of the upcoming [note: this was written before the debate] Republican presidential debate, I thought it’d be apt to highlight an interesting dimension of the event: the game theory behind the political jostling. It makes sense that each candidate’s actions would be predicated on the actions of others, and that each presidential hopeful […]

Gunman’s Dilemma : Strategy of the Underdog

The conclusion of the “gunman’s dilemma” described in the film is quite unbelievable, contradictory to our common notion. the black man should intentionally “waste” his chance of shooting in order to increase his probability of survival! If he does so, the red and the blue will both choose the most rational option of “ignoring the […]

Game Theory and Resolving Peace Conflicts

Game Theory is something that is fundamentally not extremely complicated: Predicting certain outcomes based on the participants’ payoff. However, that simple idea can be applied to myriad aspects of the modern world. Whether it is estimating the outcome of political races, or testing the effects of zoning rules in Britain, or even helping settle divorces, […]

Game Theory in the NFL

With twenty six seconds left in Super Bowl XLIX, the Seattle Seahawks had three downs to advance the ball one yard and win the game. Instead, they threw an interception, in one of the most unforgettable moments in sports history. Head coach Pete Carroll was criticized relentlessly for the play call – despite having one […]

Game Theory and the GOP debate   When Donald Trump was topping the polls in early July this year, many thought it was only a matter of time before he either self-destructed or grew disinterested. Over two months later, his lead has only grown more secure, owning a 17.2% advantage over his closest competitor as of September 19. Many […]

Estimated Betting – A New Twist on Gambling

As technology increases, the demand for integrating such technology into everyday services tends to increase at a similar rate. The appeal of leveraging modern technology to develop a platform accessible by all ages and skill sets provides the foundation for the quintessential service made better through existing technology. Algorithms are able to make decisions for […]

Game Theory Not Always Applicable – Greece’s finance minister. The Washington Post article listed above discusses the Greek Finance Minister’s past as a professor studying game theory and how this may or may not apply to his handlings with the German government. Yanis Varoufakis, the aforementions Finance Minister, has been criticized as “busily devising bluffs, stratagems and outside options, struggling to improve upon […]

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