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Search Engine and SEO

Search engine, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and etc, rank the relevant page to the search by complex algorithms to best respon1se to what the user want to find.  These algorithms are significantly complicated for human to calculate because it includes numerous factor, which is defined on a scale of priority. The areas of the factor are Domain Factors, Page-Level Factors, Site-Level Factors, Backlink Factors, User Interaction, Special Algorithm Rules, Social Signals, Brand Signals, On-Site WebSpam Factors, and Off Page Webspam Factors (Dean, Brian). There are possibly more than 200 factors contribute to the ranking.

The first link on a search from a search engine is a golden spot that all business and organization covet of. From this desire, SEO stands for “search engine optimization”, internet marketing service raise to meet the needs of all company want more website traffic. How does SEO firms help their client improve ranking on a search engine? How can the firm influence the search engine to change the rank?

In the Forbes article, “What Does An SEO Firm Do?” by Josh Steimle, he discussed methods that SEO firm performs to improve a client’s ranking. SEO firm starts the process with initial research, audit, and analysis, which they research and analyzes the client website to obtain details about the link, content, format, competition companies, and online publ2icrelations. With these data, the firm will begin the process of improving rank by building more and stronger link from other sites, redefine the brand and position with other connections, possibly reconstruct the website to be more SEO friendly to search engines, and many other strategies. From these strategies, the website will improve the ranking, and the most important factor is building links from numerous popular site, which will increase the number of strong connection and increase authority.

How does SEO affect the whole web structure in general? With numerous demand in SEO internet marketing operations, the webs are significantly more interconnected and linked, which the further SEO procedure is more difficult to analyze. The flows on the internet are more wild and intricate. Further, the ranking of web pages are updated continuously, so repeated SEO will need to perform in response to the change.

Web search is an important area of marketing and advertisement to firms and organization, and mobile search in rapidly raising. The ideas of linkage and arithmetic ranking of large networks are developed in many areas.  Similar logistic is also beheaded artificial intelligent, computer to think like the human mind, which is the heavy focus project of many technology industries and believed by many as the future of tech world.




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