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Is obesity really your fault? The power of social ties has always been an interesting subject to study. When people think about the power of social ties, the first things that come into mind are usually about friendship, professional networking and favor asking. However, in this research conducted by two sociologists, they studied the spread of obesity through the […]

Game Theory, Cooperation, and Spite

Source: This article explores Game Theory in a different light than what we have been learning in class, it combines it with human behavior, specifically in child development. Raeburn and Zollman recount that the basis of children’s decisions is mainly fair play. Although children may not cooperate every time, if they know they have to […]

The Rivalry between Didi and Uber   This article describes the recent heated rivalry between two of the largest ride-hailing apps in China, Didi Kuaidi and Uber. As of June 2015, China’s local company Didi Kuaidi has taken up 99 percent of the ride-hailing market, while the US-based ride-hailing giant Uber has a market valuation of about three times higher […]

Auction Theory Behind Google’s IPO in 2004

Exactly 12 years and one month ago from today, Google held its IPO (initial public offering) that attracted numerous investors from diverse financial backgrounds all over the United States. Many auction theorists, from renowned professors in Ivy League universities to young Economics-major students looking for a case study, were closely observing the event that was about […]

“To have sex, or not, that is the question” and Game Theory

    Game theory is about the way humans make decisions and strategize. It’s a fundamental part of human interaction and processing simple to complex problems. And I wondered about the presence of game theory in literature because I feel that science is a great way to learn and analyze and pull out different parts […]

Facebook Bidding Wars

Facebook Ads Bidding 101: Everything You Need to Know (…supported by data) The world of advertising is rapidly changing as online services continue to grow. Companies like Facebook, Google and Snapchat are all leveraging their respective real estate on the web along with their impressive numbers of users to attract advertisers to their site. While […]

Ties between Tech Companies and Local Restaurants

Silicon Valley is at an unprecedented time in history in regards to the “tech bubble.” Tech giants, such as Google, Facebook, and Uber are valued at billions of dollars. These companies gain enough revenue throughout the year to offer unparalleled benefits to their employees to remain competitive, which, among free laundry, haircuts, and gym memberships, […]

I’m into metal. Metal music, that is. Not surprisingly,  I looked up a few facts on metal statistics and found some fairly interesting data. Long story short, we can see that metal prevails in most of Scandinavia. This definitely does not surprise me since the last we heard of this [in the public media] was […]

Breaking High-Speed Fiber Network Monopoly in Canada

In Canada, the telecom/internet business is dominated by three companies, Telus Corp., BCE Inc., and Rogers Communications Inc. In markets where more than one could possibly be an option, they try not to compete, limiting customer options. Last year, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) proposed a plan to allow wholesale access to their […]

Matching Markets and NYC High School Admissions

Main Article, written by the 2012 Nobel Memorial Prize cowinner in Economic Science Alvin Roth (fun fact: he went to NYC public schools growing up): Supplementary Articles on the topic: and The article “Why New York City’s high school admissions process only works most of the time” by Alvin Roth details of the […]

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